Mariana Moyano is the daughter of Hugo Moyano: is there any blood connection between the two?

Mariana Moyano died this day due to a domestic accident and now some think that there was a blood tie with Hugo Moyano.

On the morning of Wednesday, October 25, it was learned that the Argentine journalist Mariana Moyano lost her life due to a domestic accident she suffered when a lighter exploded and caused serious burns.

The communicator and former panelist of 678 was admitted to the Buenos Aires Hospital and died this Wednesday after suffering burns on more than 50% of her body. Although she found herself recovering from one of the infections she received it impaired her health.

After this sad news, many people began to be interested in Mariana’s personal life, however, the teacher was also very jealous of her privacy and preferred to keep it a total secret.

Mariana Moyano was a panelist on program 678. Photo: Courtesy

Is Mariana Moyano the daughter of Hugo Moyano?

One of the questions that has arisen around Mariana Moyano is whether she is the daughter of the Argentine trade unionist and sports leader, Hugo Moyano. This question arises from sharing the same last name.

However, this is false, since Hugo Moyano married three times and had seven children, but none of his descendants is the 54-year-old journalist, Mariana Moyano.

The children of the former president of the Independent Athletic Club and former general secretary of the CGT, General Confederation of Labor of the Republic of Argentina, son:

  • Facundo Moyano.
  • Pablo Hugo.
  • HugoAntonio.
  • María Isabel Paola.
  • Karina Eva Beatriz.
  • Emiliano Juan Manuel.
  • Jerónimo Antonio Meriles.
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Who is Mariana Moyano’s husband? What is known about her husband and her daughter.

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