Paris Fashion Week: Model dressed as a fur ball gets lost on the catwalk, the video will make you laugh

Recently, a model bumped into audience members during Paris Fashion Week, resulting in a viral moment. A video of the entire incident is currently circulating on social media. Watch the viral video below.

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How did a model dressed as a giant furball get lost on the Paris catwalk?

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The model wore an outfit that looked like a huge ball of fur. She became disoriented during the show, crashing into attendees in the front row and causing a commotion. The model also almost collided with Sam Smith while they were performing live.

The incident occurred during Christian Cowan’s Ready to Wear Spring 2024 show on Thursday, at the American Cathedral in Paris. Smith was seen strolling down the catwalk in an unusual outfit while he sang a cover of ‘You Spin Me Round’ on a rotating platform.

The scene attracted attention not only during the show but also on social networks around the world. On Instagram, the fashion page ‘Diet Prada’ published a video of the event.

model dressed as a giant furballInstagram screenshot

“A model dressed as a giant furball got lost on Christian Cowan’s runway. Sam Smith helped redirect the furry wrecking ball before it collided with the front row and the cathedral altar,” the caption read. . Take a look for yourself.

“What was the point of all this? I made a joke about the show and the poor model must have gotten a reprimand as a result,” one Instagram user responded. “Fashion is a joke, I bet it was real fur too, how sad,” another user added.

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Smith and Cowan also had funny reactions to the incident. Smith said, “WE HAD A BALL.” Cowan, on the other hand, stated: “She arrived like a wrecking ball at Paris Fashion Week. The models were not hurt.”

What is Paris Fashion Week about?

Paris Fashion Week is one of the most prestigious events in the fashion industry. It is part of the global Fashion Week circuit, which includes events in cities such as New York, London and Milan. Paris Fashion Week usually takes place twice a year, in the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons, and showcases collections for upcoming fashion seasons.

During Paris Fashion Week, the best designers, brands and fashion houses present their latest collections of clothing and accessories to the world. These collections often set trends and influence the fashion of the coming seasons. The event attracts a wide range of industry professionals, including fashion journalists, buyers, celebrities and fashion enthusiasts.

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