Photos of Tirso Duarte: who he was, where he was born and what happened to the Cuban artist

On the afternoon of Friday, September 29, the death of Cuban singer Tirso Duarte was announced in Colombia at the age of 45.

On the afternoon of last Friday, September 29, the news of the death of the Cuban singer and pianist Tirso Duarte emerged, after being the victim of an attack in the municipality of Tumaco, Colombia.

The artist was taken around 7:00 in the morning to the Intensive Care Unit at the Divino Niño Hospital in Tumaco, however, due to the severity of his injuries he was transferred to the Pasto Hospital.

According to the medical report, it was confirmed that the artist known as ‘The Black Angel’ had a diagnosis of severe craniocerebral trauma and a chest wound from a sharp weapon.

Tirso Duarte was born on April 12, 1978. Photo: Spotify

The technical criminal investigation team announced that they have already begun proceedings to clarify the case, but it is speculated that the reason for the attack was due to the fact that the artist was doing a very risque dance.

According to an Infobae article, the attack would have been carried out by three men. It should be remembered that, a few days ago, the Cuban uploaded a message to his Instagram account, where he could assume that he was being threatened.

They killed me, but I didn’t die hahaha. Don’t cry, I’m still here and the sapa who said that is already leaving the city, he’s sending her out of Tumaco so she can stay alive, even if the boys are upset. How scary hahaha. Greetings from Commander Tirso Duarte, the black angel“, wrote.

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Message published four days ago. Photo: Instagram

Who was Tirso Duarte?

Tirso Duarte was a composer, pianist and arranger, who was born on April 12, 1978 in Havana, Cuba, but he spent the last years of his career in Calí, Colombia, with his project Tirso Duarte and his Orchestra.

The artist was also known under the nickname ‘El Ángel Negro’ or as ‘The Pearl of the Pacific’ and earned the recognition of the salsa public in Latin America.

In his country, the artist is known for his time in large orchestras. He began his career as keyboardist for Pachito Alonso and would later be the pianist for La Charanga Habanera until 2001.

His last years of his career were spent in Colombia. Photo: Instagram

According to CiberCuba, Duarte became one of the lead voices of NG La Banda and was also the founder of the Pupy and Los Que Son Son orchestras.

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