Planned Hull-Midlands Green Energy power line

Wind farms in the North Sea will send electricity to the Midlands via a new high voltage line.

Under National Grid’s plans, there would be cables over 56 miles (90 km) from East Yorkshire through North Lincolnshire to Nottinghamshire.

The power line would connect new substations at Creyke Beck, near Cottingham, and High Marnham, in Bassetlaw.

The National Grid is asking people what they think about the ideas.

He said the current grid between the North and Midlands did not have enough space to handle more power coming from new green power sources.

Rachel Tullis, who is in charge of the project, said the new 400kV line would connect this green power to the grid. This would “increase the security of our local energy and bring us closer to net zero,” she said.

He also said it could carry enough power for six million homes.

The planned new line would be close to an existing overhead power line for most of its route, according to National Grid, which said it would “listen carefully” to community feedback as it works on the plans.

The plans have been analyzed in terms of cost, engineering and environment. They will be reviewed by an independent group of planning inspectors, and must be approved by the government before work can begin.

In June and July, there will be consultation events in Dunham, South Wheatley, Crowle, Haxey, South Cave, Gringley on the Hill, Gilberdyke and Cottingham.

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