Portage County Dead Dogs Found Nearly 146 Dead Dogs

In a shocking turn of events, more than a hundred dogs were found dead in Portage County, Ohio. Shockingly, the number of dogs found dead in Portage County, OH stands at 146. Since Portage County officials confirmed 146 dogs dead, people have been left shocked and curious as to how 146 dogs died or what could be the cause of death. Mass dog deaths in Portage County. Certainly, a myriad of questions have been circling people’s minds after hearing this story. We reached out to Portage County officials for information on what the circumstances were surrounding the dogs’ deaths and what is the possible cause of death for the dogs. However, an investigation must have started in this case. We display the details shared by the officials.

Dead Portage County dogs found

According to Portage County officials, agents found a total of 146 dead dogs inside a home located near Akron. The owner of the house is said to be a co-founder of an animal rescue organization. Police immediately initiated a search warrant at the property on Friday. After learning that 146 dogs were discovered dead, the Portage Humane League said a relief worker found 146 dogs dead in various stages of decomposition. No animal could have been saved, they were all dead. Continue reading this article and learn more details.

Dead Portage County dogs found

The owner of the house where 146 dogs were found dead is the co-founder of Canine Lifeline, an animal rescue organization. One adopter from Canine Lifeline Inc. named Mary Ellen of Mantua, who is also a neighbor of the homeowner, said she would like the border collie after all. โ€œAnd she said, ‘Okay, come to Macedonia.’ And my friend said: ‘Why do we have to go to Macedonia? It’s across the street.’โ€ Take a look below and read more details.

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Dead Portage County dogs found

The organization shared a statement that the co-founder is also the subject of an animal neglect investigation in Parma. In Portage County, investigators found several dogs found dead and abandoned inside the home. Janice Robinson said she was at her home in Parma when an ambulance took her neighbor away. Police and animal control officers were reportedly on the property for over 6 hours. She said: “So you see them taking out all these cages with dogs in them and then taking out all the animals that didn’t survive. That was sad,”

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