‘Prince and Princess of Los Angeles’ Harry and Meghan have ‘more to come’ on royal family feud: former King’s butler

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have “more to come” to air the royal family’s dirty laundry, King Charles’ former royal butler has claimed.

Grant Harrold, who worked for King Charles for seven years when he was Prince of Wales, says the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have yet to drop even more bombshells as their feud with the Firm continues.

“I’d like to think he’s drawn a line, but I think there’s more to come,” Harrold said. “I think there’s a lot going on and he has to deal with it.”

“I think things have happened and only those who are there know what happens behind closed doors, so it’s one side against the other,” he added.

The former royal staffer notes that Harry “could do more if he feels he has been hurt or attacked.”

Harrold believes Harry and Meghan will soon earn their “Prince and Princess of Los Angeles” status after their so-called media route has been “tried and failed” since the couple closed the door on royal life in 2020.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have yet to drop any more bombshells about their feud with royals, according to a former staffer.POOL/AFP via Getty Images

“I’ve always said they’re celebrity royalty,” Harrold said. “They are members of royalty who tried the media route, they tried and partially failed.”

“It’s going to be interesting to see how they move forward from here, will they risk more partnerships failing or will they go down the royal road where they take on sponsorships and get involved in more charity work and become the ‘Prince and Princess’ of Los Angeles,’” he added.

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Harry and Meghan’s move sparked several highly publicized projects, including their six-part Netflix documentary, their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey and Harry’s protocol-breaking memoir, “Spare.”

Harry and Meghan attacked the Firm in their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021.HARPO PRODUCTIONS/AFP via GettyThe couple have only returned to the UK a few times since leaving the royal family.Getty Images for the Invictus Base Games

Since then, they have only returned to the UK a few times.

Harrold noted that as “unofficial royals” the couple should not expect any support from King Charles or Queen Camilla in the future.

“When they go to events, they are treated as unofficial royals, so they can take on that role and carry out duties there in an unofficial royal capacity,” explained Harrold, who served as chief royal butler at Clarence House. .

As “unofficial royals,” the Sussexes should not expect any support from the royal family in the future, Harrold said.Getty Images

“The royals might think it’s quite good for Harry and Meghan to step back and focus on unofficial royal duties, but there won’t be any backing or support from the monarchy,” said Harrold, speaking on behalf of Slingo.

And as Harry’s feud with his estranged father and stepmother continues, so does his feud with his brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law, Princess Kate.

A Fab Four reunion is “very unlikely,” according to the former royal staffer.

On the other hand, Harrold says Harry has become “a lot calmer” since his father became monarch.

“As far as I know he has made no effort to see the King, if he went to visit him at Balmoral we would know, particularly on the first anniversary of the Queen’s death, but he obviously made no effort,” he said. saying.

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“I think it’s quite sad because they are a family that celebrates together, they cry together, they were, under the Queen, a united family, and I think the fact that Harry didn’t go up there is a very clear sign that the family is still divided.”

“It doesn’t mean it will never happen, there could be an understanding between the family, but from the outside looking at it it seems as if nothing has healed,” he added.

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