Rana Sanaullah arrest warrant issued, PMLN in trouble after big ATC court decision

Pakistan is known as the most controversial country that always stays in the news headlines for many reasons. This country faces many problems including poverty, child marriage, unemployment, low status of women, gender inequality, crime, rape, terrorism, and poor administrative structure. But more often than not, politicians in this country continue to make headlines for their statements, corruption, and crimes as well. Once again, the news of the arrest of one of those politicians from this country put this country in the spotlight. According to reports, the politician currently holds the position of the country’s Minister of Interior.

Rana Sanaullah arrest warrant issued

People are showing great interest in this news and want to know more about it. Reports indicate that on Friday, February 24, 2023, a Pakistani Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) issued an arrest warrant for Home Minister Rana Sanaullah for allegedly threatening the judiciary at the time of his public speeches and preventing government officials “carry out their legitimate responsibilities.” The report states that the case against the 68-year-old politician was filed in the month of August 2022. Now, this news has garnered global attention and everyone wants to know an in-depth insight into the case.

The Dawn newspaper mentioned that the IRF claimed that at the time of his public speeches last year, as well as in 2021, the leader of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) attempted to prevent the judiciary from making his work. and he murdered the sons of Punjab policemen. After that, on Friday, an anti-terror court located in the city of Gujarat in the Punjab province heard this case. Apart from that, the FIR also shared the video of the minister’s remarks which were broadcast by the private news channel in 2022. The report states that the ATC court ordered the police to detain Sanaullah and bring him before the court on Monday. . March 7, 2023.

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Reports and media claim that the arrest warrant is subject to bail. The FIR mentions: “Sanaullah’s speeches focused on terrorizing the judiciary, the commissioner, the chief secretary and the people of the country.” The report stated that at the time of the court hearing on Friday, the Gujarat police mentioned Sanaullah’s name from the case. Other than that, more than 61 people have been arrested, including 6 senior leaders of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party. All of them are detained due to the mass movement of the Bharo Jail. It seems that Pakistani politicians and ministers are in deep trouble and instead of solving the country’s problems, they are just busy spreading hate.

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