Record-breaking 800-pound ‘nightmare material’ alligator caught in Mississippi

Four hunters killed the largest alligator in Mississippi history over the weekend, a beast that weighed in at 802.5 pounds and was more than 14 feet long, and aptly nicknamed “nightmare stuff.”

The prehistoric-looking beast was pulled out Saturday in the Yazoo River on the second day of Mississippi’s alligator hunting season, according to Red Antler Processing on Facebook.

Don Woods, one of the four men who killed the monstrous alligator, told the Clarion Ledger that he and his companions, all experienced alligator hunters, saw the gigantic reptile in the river shortly after setting sail on their boat around 9 a.m. p.m

“We knew it was open,” Woods said. “His back was huge. It was like we were following a Jon ship.”

Four hunters pose with the largest alligator ever caught in Mississippi Four Mississippi hunters captured the largest alligator in state history, the beast measuring over 14 feet and weighing over 802 pounds. red antler processing
A prehistoric-looking beast was 14 feet 0.75 inches long and weighed 802.5 pounds, with an abdominal circumference of 66 inches.It took four men seven hours to bring back the prehistoric-looking beast. Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fish and Parks

Little did the hunters know that it would take seven “mentally grueling” hours to transport the toothy giant to their ship.

“We hooked it eight or nine times and it kept breaking,” Woods said. “He would go down, sit down and then take off. He continued under the logs. He knew what he was doing. The crazy thing is that he stayed in the same place ”.

Woods told the outlet that the alligator ended up breaking nearly all of his rods and reels before finally tiring out after a night of wild beating.

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A record-breaking alligator is measured The “nightmare” alligator was pulled from the Yazoo River on the second day of alligator hunting season in Mississippi.

“He dictated everything we did. It was exhausting, but the adrenaline builds and you don’t notice it, Woods said.

The hunters finally managed to subdue the giant reptile before 4 a.m., but even then they couldn’t fully comprehend its size.

“We knew we had a big alligator,” Woods said. “We were surprised at how broad his back was and how big his head was. It was surreal, to be honest.”

Hunter poses with a hunted male alligatorThe size of the alligator’s head alone is mind-boggling.

The scaly predator ended up measuring a whopping 14 feet 3 inches long and tipping the scales at 802.5 pounds, with a 66-inch abdominal circumference, state wildlife officials reported.

“Nightmare stuff!” commented a woman on Facebook.

The previous record for the largest alligator caught in Mississippi belonged to a 14-foot, 0.75-inch specimen weighing 766.5 pounds, which was caught in 2017.

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