Sankarasubramanian K Biography, Age, ISRO Career, Education, History

We will talk about Sankarasubramanian K’s biography, age, career, education and history in this article. People talk about India, ISRO and its hard-working scientists. ISRO’s past and future projects are forcing people to meet brilliant scientists. We share the specific details in Sankarasubramanian K’s biography to recognize him for his talent.

Biography of Sankarasubramanian K

With the launch of Aditya L1, ISRO scientists like Sankarasubramanian K have been promoted to senior positions. Sankarasubramanian K is now the chief scientist of the Aditya L1 mission.

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The media and news channels frequently talk about the only name that has recently been associated with ISRO’s flagship solar mission, Aditya L1. The launch date of Aditya L1 is today, September 2, 2023, from SDSC-SHAR by PSLV XL rocket with a payload mass of 244 kg. We will share all the important information later in this article.

Who is Sankarasubramanian K?

Sankarasubramanian is a crucial part of India’s first observatory-class solar space mission, Aditya L1. ISRO’s progress after Chandrayaan 3 depends entirely on the success of this mission. Therefore, the space agency needs potentially strong scientists.

Sankarasubramanian K was the Principal Solar Scientist at URSC, Bengaluru. Not only his PhD in Physics but also his interest in the Solar System magnetized him to explore his skills at ISRO. His areas of interest include Instruments, Solar Magnetic Fields and Optics. The scientist’s knowledge, talent, interest and skills have propelled his career to pursue better future projects.

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Sankarasubramanian K Biography Overview

Article title Biography of Sankarasubramanian K
Scientist’s name Sankarasubramanian K
Previous company Indian Space Research Organization
Education Doctor. in physics
PG University Indian Institute of Astrophysics
current group Space Astronomy Group (SAG)
SAG projects Chandrayaan 3 propulsion module, Aditya L1 mission, XPoSat
Previous mission participations in ISRO projects Chandrayaan 1, 2 and 3
Recent appointment of scientist Aditya L1 mission lead scientist
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How old is Sankarasubramanian K?

The scientist has more than 30 years of experience in various Space Missions. He can easily find his peer-reviewed journals on the Internet, which number around a hundred. His journey from the beginning of his career to date is incredible.

Sankarasubramanian’s ISRO race

He previously worked as a senior scientist at the US Rao Satellite Center. He currently guides scientists associated with Solar Science Research for the Aditya L1 Mission. The duration of the mission is about 5.2 years.

The scientist has extensive knowledge of payloads. Therefore, he has been assigned to the Solar Mission project. He works as an X-ray payload researcher on Aditya L1. He leads the scientists of the Space Astronomy Group (SAG) to the successful completion of the mission. The project is being implemented in collaboration with IIA, IUCAA and ISRO.

Education Sankarasubramanian K

The great interest of scientists in planets and other ethics has led them to study and investigate various phenomena. Doctor. in Physics from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. The scientist had completed his education in Bangalore.

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Story by Sankarasubramanian K

Sankarasubramanian’s expertise earned him appointment at the ISRO facility during the early stages of his career. With his constant efforts and his focus on various important missions, he got career promotions from him gradually and finally he is at a stage of reputation for ISRO and India.

The Indian Space Agency maintains an attitude of trust with the scientist. Therefore, other scientists and mission objectives are assigned under Sankarasubramanian K.

Aditya Mission L1

The budget of the Mission is Rs 378.53 crore as sanctioned by the Lok Sabha Government in the year 2019. The solar mission involves studying the surface of the Sun. Since the energy of the sun is powerful, it is required that the rover has effective payloads. ISRO has to fulfill the mission of investigating and studying the solar surface, which is why Sankarasubramanian K.

The initial level is to cover the orbit of Halo. According to Orbital Mechanics, the Halo orbit is a three-dimensional orbit that allows a spacecraft to be in a stationary position. Between the Lagrange points (L1, L2 and L3), Aditya will move to L1. This point was chosen because the gravitational forces of both planets (Sun and Earth) are in a state of equilibrium at L1.

The Nation is proud to have magnificent scientists like him. The overall progress of our country depends on your permanent work, knowledge and skills. All the best to our scientists.

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