Sybil Lau Parents and Family: 7 Things to Know

You may be curious to know about the Sybil Lau family. Questions are raised about who her birth parents are. Stay tuned for more details until the end. Sybil Lau is a Canadian-born philanthropist and businesswoman from Singapore. Additionally, Lau’s contributions and achievements in finance, entrepreneurship and philanthropy have established her as a respected figure in the industry. Miss Lau’s dedication to philanthropy and her multifaceted career exemplify her commitment to creating a better world. Born in Canada in 1978, Sybil Lau is a Singaporean citizen and has a fascinating background and personal life. Mr. and Mrs. Lau, her parents, provided her with a friendly and healthy environment to grow up.

Sybil Lau Parents and family

Sybil moved to Singapore with her parents as a child, where she spent a significant part of her life. Tragically, due to natural causes, Sybil Lau’s mother passed away in 2021, leaving a void in her life. This loss profoundly affected Sybil’s future plans, including her wedding and engagement plans. Sybil and her fiancé, Peter Ng Kok Song, postponed their three-year wedding out of respect for Chinese customs. Peter Ng Kok Song, Sybil’s fiancé, is well known in Singaporean politics. At the age of 75, he is currently running as a candidate in the upcoming 2023 Singapore presidential election.

A widower, Ng, had previously been married to his late wife until her death in 2005. They had three children together, two daughters, aged 47 and 33, and a son, now 50. Between Sybil Lau and Peter Ng, despite the significant age difference of 30 years, they found a deep connection and believed that they were a compatible couple. Their relationship has received the blessings of Ng’s children, which is a testament to the commitment and strength of their bond. The couple had planned to get married earlier, Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported. But due to the recent passing of Sybil’s mother, they decided to postpone their wedding to honor Chinese customs.

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Sybil Lau, a leading figure in the philanthropy and finance sectors, has made significant contributions throughout her career. Sybil established herself as a financial analyst and wealth manager at the age of 45, demonstrating her dedication and experience. As a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, she embarked on her career and has managed her family’s wealth since 2009. Sybil’s passion for healthcare aligns with WELL’s goals and with her investment experience, she brings valuable insights and insights. to the board of directors of the company. In addition, Sybil Lau is a member of Delta, a community of serial entrepreneurs.

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