Taliban detains American and 17 others in Afghanistan for ‘propagating and promoting Christianity’

The Taliban raided the offices of a Swiss nonprofit group based in Afghanistan and detained 18 workers, including an American, for allegedly preaching Christianity, the country’s government said.

The International Assistance Mission (IAM) confirmed on Friday that the Taliban stormed its office in Ghor – located 400 miles from Kabul – on September 3 and 13 and took away almost 20 workers.

Three members, including the American, were captured in the first raid and the other 15 were captured 10 days later.

They were taken to an unknown location in Kabul.

The Swiss charity, which helps improve healthcare and education in the country, said it was “unaware of the circumstances that led to these incidents and had not been informed of the reason for the detention of our staff members,” it said. it’s a statement.

“At this time, we have no information regarding the nature of the allegations against our staff and therefore cannot comment or speculate on this current situation.”

Eighteen nonprofit workers, including one American, were detained by the Taliban in Afghanistan after the terrorist organization twice raided the office of the International Assistance Mission.AP

However, Taliban officials said the detainees were detained for “propagating and promoting Christianity” in the majority Muslim country.

Government spokesman Abdul Wahid Hamas said several women, including an American, were among those detained, VOA News reported.

“The well-being and safety of our colleagues is paramount to us and we are doing everything possible to ensure their safety and ensure their swift release,” the organization said.

People shouting. Government spokesman Abdul Wahid Hamas said those detained included several women, including an American. They were arrested for “propagating and promoting Christianity” in this predominantly Muslim country. EPA

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The group sent a letter to the Ministry of Economy, where it is registered as a non-governmental organization, and is working with the UN and ACBAR to “deepen our understanding of the situation” and work for his release.

The nonprofit has operated in Afghanistan for nearly 60 years and is a Christian-based organization that works to improve healthcare, education and community development.

However, the nonprofit organization follows the customs of the Middle Eastern country.

Nonprofits have come under increased scrutiny since the Taliban took power after the United States withdrew from the country two years ago, introducing stricter laws.

The Taliban has banned women from working for aid organizations in the country and the terrorist organization has implemented tougher laws against women, banning them from public spaces.

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