‘Talk to me full movie Telegram’: how, where to watch and what it is about

Talk to Me is a horror film directed by twin brothers Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou. Here more details:

Háblame or also known as Talk To Me is a film directed by Australian twin brothers Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou, known for their YouTube channel RackaRacka, which has more than 6.5 million subscribers.

With this film the brothers make the leap to the big screen and the story focuses on Mia, a teenager who thinks about her mother’s death every day and searches for doubts and invokes her spirit.

However, to invoke him he uses an embalmed hand, but this causes a plague of supernatural forces and he debates who to trust among the living or the dead.

Háblame premiered in Australia on July 27. Photo: Courtesy

Where to watch Háblame 2023?

It should be noted that this film has received several praise from the specialized press and some have even called it the ‘most terrifying film of 2023’, which is why some already want to see it.

The film is not entirely new, however, as it had a preview screening at the Adelaide Film Festival in 2022, followed by a world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2023.

Then it premiered in Australian theaters on July 27, while in theaters in other countries its release date was between August 10 and 11.

Currently the film is not available in theaters, since it went out of theaters and that is why users are looking for options to see it.

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Talk to me available on Telegram?

In the last few hours, many users have turned to Telegram to see it, however, this is impossible because it is not available on this network, and it could also be considered a crime for occurring without official permissions.

In this sense, horror lovers will have to wait for a streaming platform to understand the rights. According to rumors, Netflix would be interested in adding it to its movie catalog, but it is not official yet.

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