Tarot Predictions: Will India Beat Australia In 2023 WTC Final?

With the 2023 World Test Championship (WTC) final just around the corner, anticipation is high for cricket fans.

Fans of the Indian cricket team are eagerly awaiting their team to celebrate the winning cup, but nerves are running high as the team will play Australia. To calm your nerves, I took up my trusty Tarot deck to find out which team would take home the win after this WTC 2023 final match, India or Australia?

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Australia’s chances of winning

The cards are clear in their discernment of the Australian team’s mentality towards the game. They are level-headed and calm throughout the exhausting match. The first card to appear for the team was the Four of Swords, indicating that the team is taking it easy.

Final reading of the Australian WTC Tarotsejal yakhwal

The next cards are the Page of Cups and the High Priestess. These two together represent how the team is interested in following their gut and keeping a cool demeanor at all times. It seems that the party is something easy for them, at least emotionally.

The World card and the Queen of Cups mean once again a fairly quiet game for the team. The world card is especially a great indication that the team will be victorious, as it literally represents success and victory.

(Something to keep in mind: if Australia end up batting in the first innings, then there’s a very good chance they’ll win.)

India’s chances of winning

While Australia’s cards are all about being calm and collected, India is somehow going through a roller coaster of emotions throughout the match. Its spread starts with the heavy energy of The Devil followed by the balance of the Justice card.

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India WTC Final Tarot Readingsejal yakhwal

These two together mean that whatever hurdle India faces at the start of the match, they are bound to bounce back and balance things out. With Judgment appearing with the Two of Pentacles, the match appears to be something of a rope walk for the team. Since they are required to make clear judgments and work through challenges.

In the end, India’s spread ends with The Fool card, which signifies opportunities and innocence. The other card also means being foolish and careless, which could be what could end up being the Indian team, missing out on taking home the winning trophy.

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