Tennessee police officer Maegan Hall was fired after having six affairs on the job after video leaked online

Despite knowing that it is illegal to have an affair in workplaces, many civil servants get involved and end up losing their jobs. Again, a public servant lost his job after his video went viral on social media platforms. The video of him is available to watch online and users criticize it, some enjoy this controversy and seek to know more details about it. According to the report, in the viral video Tennessee Cop was seen having sex at work. The spouse of a rogue Tennessee police officer named Maegan Hall stays with his wife.

Fired after video of Tennessee police officer Maegan Hall leaked online

He tries to “save” their wedding after she is spurned for having sleazy sex with 6 colleagues while she shrugs off the publicity and thinks it’s time to move on. After an investigation, it was discovered that Maegan Hall, 26, of the La Vergne Police Department, located in Tennessee, had ties to many other officers. Hall tried to entice her sheriff’s deputy husband of 4 years, Jedidiah Hall, 28, for a swing session while she claimed to be at an open wedding. According to the article, Jedidiah, the pastor’s son, “wasn’t really on board” and instead confronted her spouse of four years for infidelity.

Maegan Hall

Chad Partin, the Coffee County Sheriff, told the news outlet: He’s more of a man than me, but he’s trying to save his wedding and I don’t know how he does it. After learning about the Hall of “intimate interactions” in bars, hotels and even on police property, officials opened an internal investigation in December. His heated encounter with 6 male police officers has disgraced Tennessee police across the country. A raunchy and playful officer, Maegan Hall had no regrets about the shocking actions that resulted in her and 4 other co-workers being kicked off the job this week when the news outlet tracked her down.

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Maegan Hall

Hall, 26, declared: “I don’t want to talk about it, I’m just going to look forward to my life and I want to live in peace,” in his first public comments since the scandal came before the public. Married Hall was involved in oral sex with colleagues while working, had relationships with another police officer and his spouse and not only that, he also offered a threesome with them. Shockingly, he also ripped his bikini top off at a “girls gone wild” hot tub party.

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