The launch of Android 14 could be delayed by several months

After five beta builds, a handful of developer previews, and months of waiting, today felt like Christmas for the Android enthusiast community. Instead of a new stable OS update waiting to be installed on your phone this morning, all Google had to offer was a quarterly feature drop along with a logo redesign. If it seems like Android 14 should have arrived today, there’s some truth to that, as it seems like a last-minute delay is to blame for any displeasure you’re experiencing.

According to Mishaal Rahman (aka X) on Twitter, the Android 14 source code was supposed to be released today, and OEMs anticipated its arrival along with users. Instead, the entire release, including the AOSP and Pixel builds, has apparently been pushed back to October 4, adding about a month to its development time. If that date sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the date of Google’s next Made by Google event, which will presumably feature the Pixel 8, Pixel Watch 2, and whatever else the company has in store.

According to Rahman, OEMs have been informed that any vulnerabilities highlighted in their Security Release Notes for Android 14 will not be released until October 4, implying that a stable release may not arrive until the day Let’s find out everything about Google’s latest hardware. As Rahman points out, this would be the first time the AOSP build coincides with the launch of a Pixel, although it’s not the first time the two dates have flirted with each other.

An October release for Android 14 would be comparable to the Android 12 release two years ago. The company released Android 12 for AOSP on October 4, 2021, but the version for Pixel devices didn’t arrive until October 19, the day Google unveiled the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Since this year’s event is a At the beginning of the month, we may see a simultaneous push to AOSP and Pixels along with the company’s new line of smartphones. After all, with Android 11 and Android 13, the AOSP and Pixel versions were released around the same time, and consumers received OTA updates within a day or two.

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This year’s Made by Google event could also serve as an introduction to Android 14.

If this is the case, expect it to come into effect when current OEMs update their smartphone lines to the latest version of Android. Samsung released its second beta version of One UI 6 last week, but a stable release is likely still more than a month away. OnePlus, for its part, stated that OxygenOS 14 would be available on September 25, more than a week before the expected date. If Google isn’t ready to roll out Android 14 to AOSP, that deadline will be pushed back.

Google has had its fair share of misses when it comes to timely updates since switching to its custom Tensor chipsets. In its first year, the Pixel 6 was known for constantly missing security patches, even when those monthly releases included fixes for high-priority issues. Even the Pixel 7 series hasn’t totally solved this problem; For example, this year’s March update wasn’t released until almost halfway through the month.

Of course, this particular postponement doesn’t get as much publicity; After all, Rahman’s date is not an official confirmation. Google, for its part, hasn’t said anything, and considering that the last word on the Android 14 release date was a general comment of “weeks away” when Beta 5 was released, it’s technically not too late. Even if it certainly feels that way.

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