There are 67 grandchildren in five generations in the UK’s largest family

An extraordinary family with 67 grandchildren spanning five generations lives in the heart of the UK. The family narrative exemplifies the power of love, unity, and time-tested relationships. Let’s delve into the fascinating history of this remarkable British tribe.

The most striking feature of this family’s narrative is the staggering number of grandchildren they have amassed – 67 grandchildren, making them the UK’s most prominent family across five generations. Each grandchild brings their personality, dreams and aspirations to the family, enriching it with uniqueness.

The UK’s largest family has 67 grandchildren in five generations

Credit: Nick Wilkinson/Birmingham Live

Pearl Carless manages a large family spread across the UK, and their Christmases are held as a “military exercise”. Large pups are becoming rarer with rising costs, changing family arrangements, and changing work lives.

On the other hand, the 82-year-old ‘Big Nana’ has 67 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren and eight great-great-grandchildren. Many members of the family live on Perry Common, Birmingham, although some live in Brighton, Devon, Wales and further north.

In their large brood, the daughters become grandmothers at 34 years old, with the youngest just eleven weeks old, Sapphire. Little Sapphire is the daughter of Courtney Green, the daughter of Kerry Snelson, the daughter of Dawn Bassett, and the eldest of Pearl.

Meet the UKCredit: Nick Wilkinson/Birmingham Live

Dawn, 65, told BirminghamLive: “We have a really big family. It’s special and we embrace it.” Pearl had five daughters, the eldest of whom, Dawn, is a mother of three. Dawn’s daughter Kerry, 47, is the mother of six, and Kerry’s daughter Courtney, 28, is the mother of two.

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Except for Courtney, they all became grandmothers at the age of 34. Pearl left the Kent countryside for Birmingham almost four decades ago. She lives alone with her two dogs, but family members visit her frequently and she constantly calls her loved ones.

“I Facetime all day and I’m always on Facebook,” he explained. This is how I get company; I just dial a number on my laptop.” Pearl described family life, including five weddings and a perfectly planned Christmas day, as “very lively most of the time.”

Meet the UKCredit: Nick Wilkinson/Birmingham Live

“If one family is in trouble or excited, the other is.” Hopefully the babies will be quiet for a while!” Mother of six “I thought my kids would follow me in having toddlers,” Kerry explained. “I think they’ve watched me raise my six kids and grandkids, and they do. . I do not want that”.

Dawn said the family “can be busy but it can be fun.”

“So sometimes it can be a good life,” he added. We make phone calls almost every day to wish someone a happy birthday.

“Most years double or triple a baby boom!” “One year, I knitted 94 baby blankets,” Pearl said. “I have given up!”

When asked if there were any family feuds, Courtney replied, “If there are, we’ll all think of Big Nana; she doesn’t need her.” We’ve had problems, but we’ve overcome them.”

Courtney just called her “hectic” Christmas.

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