Tire Nichols Death Video: Memphis Police Beat Man Like He Was A ‘Human Piñata’ – Viral Video On Twitter

A chilling video is going viral on social media. The video content is enough to attract a lot of attention. The video is quite disturbing to watch and many people go into a rage after watching it. Reports indicate that because of this video, the Memphis police were in big trouble and the citizens are protesting against them and want the government to crack down on them. Now, those who watched the video know what exactly happened, but those who don’t are here to get the details. Memphis police reportedly brutally beat a man as a “Human Pinata.” Follow more updates on PKBNews

Video of the death of Tire Nichols

Because of this, the man lost his life and now citizens and Internet users are asking for justice for him. The victim who lost his life is identified as Tire Nicholas. People pay tribute to him and he is anxious to find out what exactly happened and why the police beat him up. There are many people who condemn the police and claim that this incident was branded as racist. The whole incident came about when the video surfaced on the web and it only took a few seconds for the video to go viral on social media. The viral video shows Memphis police beating or attacking Tire Nichols like a human piñata and Tire was killed instantly.

Now, this incident has shocked the entire Internet. The police filed the case and during the investigation they found that 5 police officers are accused of this crime and they have even violated many rules of the police department at the time of arrest. Tire Nichols’ family named a lawyer who claimed on Monday, January 23, 2022, that they had seen video of the encounter with police that occurred days before Nichols’ death. They further added that Tire had been subjected to a flagrant, unadulterated and uninterrupted assault reminiscent of brutality.

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The video is really disturbing to watch and shocks everyone. The video was first posted on Twitter and then went viral on other platforms. Reports state that he was detained by police on January 7, 2023 in Memphis, Tennessee and after a brutal assault by police, 29-year-old Nichols was admitted to the hospital after the 3-day fight where he lost his life. He was a citizen of Memphis and breathed his last on January 10, 2023. The exact cause of death is still unknown. The people pay tribute to him and demand justice for him.

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