Top 50 Notepadqq Alternatives for Web Developers in 2023

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Are you looking for Notepadqq Alternatives? Notepadqq is built by developers for developers, according to its description. It is the best text editor for your daily activities, supporting more than 100 languages. And is a Text Editor in the development category? There are more than 25 alternatives to Notepadqq for Windows, Linux, Mac,, and Deepin, among others. Notepad++ is the greatest choice because it is both free and Open Source. Notepadqq is comparable to Sublime Text, Bluefish Editor, Notepad3, and PSPad.

Notepadqq Alternatives are mostly Text Editors, but may also be Code Editors or Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). If you wish to reduce the list of options or are looking for a particular feature of Notepadqq, filter by these criteria.

Here is a list of the best Notepadqq Alternatives that are compatible with your Linux system.

What is Notepadqq?

What is Notepadqq

Notepadqq is a totally free source code editor designed as a Linux replacement for Notepad++. which is only available for Windows. Similar to Notepadd++, it strives to ensure that program sizes are compact and execution time is rapid.

Notepadqq is a logical addition to this list, given it is a Linux-specific replica of Notepad++. The user interface and functions are quite similar to Notepad++. It supports multiview editing, plugin extension, numerous programming languages, syntax highlighting, etc., and has a simple, appealing user interface. 

Notepadqq does not have a large library of plugins, but it includes most of Notepad++’s functionality. These include text markup, tabbed files, and the find/replace function. 

Features of Notepadqq

Notepadqq is a very advanced version of notepad++. Listed below are some of its distinguishing characteristics.

  • Execute the command within TextEditor.
  • Multiple language support
  • Tabular format with cycle switch
  • Advanced search capabilities using regular expression
  • Export to a variety of file formats.

If you still dislike notepadqq and wish to install Notepadqq Alternatives on your Linux machine, please refer to the post where we demonstrate how to do so.

What does Notepadqq offer us?

This complex text editor has some fascinating capabilities, such as block selection and editing and multiple text selection and editing, which I was able to discover despite not utilizing it to its full potential.

NotepadQQ Currently, it supports a wide number of languages for which syntax highlighting is, of course, available. It also offers a big number of visual themes. Unfortunately, at least for PHP and HTML, it lacks code completion, thus I have automatically abandoned it.

NotepadQQ also includes a text replacement tool that permits the use of regular expressions for more advanced text search and replacement.

In addition, it enables the creation and execution of macros and provides shortcuts for launching the file with which we are interacting in multiple apps. I also discovered in the menu the option to convert all text to lowercase and uppercase. It also enables us to dismiss numerous files while keeping only the one we are now using open.

Unfortunately, NotepadQQ (which uses QT) still lacks a variety of settings choices, but it is on the right route. It is also true that many of its attributes can be found in video editors with more experience, such as KATE. But it is always beneficial to have another option. so that sometimes people looking for Notepadqq Alternativesas well. 

Why is Notepadqq popular?

Notepadqq’s popularity among Windows users is due to:

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It is a more powerful text editor (for developers) than Notepad, the Windows default text editor.

The application is built on Scintilla, consumes fewer resources, is extensible with plugins, and contains tools for the vast majority of programming languages.

The Notepadqq text editor served as inspiration for the development of Notepadqq, which is nearly identical to its predecessor in appearance and functionality.

Top 50 Notepadqq Alternatives in 2023

Here are listed top 35 Notepadqq Alternatives. Let’s check them out.

  1. Notepad++
  2. TED Notepad
  3. HaasOnline
  4. Notepad3
  5. HTML-Notepad
  6. Dialer Lock- AppHider
  7. iNotepad
  8. Secure Notepad
  9. AK Notepad
  10. Visual Studio Code
  11. Sublime Text
  12. Geany
  13. Network Notepad
  14. ColorNote
  15. OpenText RightFax Fax Server
  16. Vim
  17. GoDesk
  18. GNOME
  19. Notepad
  20. Notepad2
  21. OpenText RightFax Fax Server
  22. Vim
  23. Freshservice
  24. Onivim 2
  25. SciTE
  26. Speech To Text Notepad
  27. wxMEdit
  28. Atom
  29. CSSEdit
  30. Textosaurus
  31. Anjuta

Best Notepadqq Alternatives for Linux

Not all of the text editors covered in this article are open-source. Even though this is a list of Notepadqq Alternatives, I would call it a list of the top use  Linux text editors. I expect a few individuals to suggest Vi, Vim, Emacs, Pico, or Nano, but these legendary (usually command-line) editors have been omitted on purpose.

1. Notepad++

Notepad++ Best Notepadqq Alternatives

Wait! Did I just say Notepad++? I did so, in fact. You can use the same Notepad++ on Linux, albeit the experience is not identical. Using Wine, it is possible to run Windows apps on Linux. Although it is not identical to using a native Linux application, it is nevertheless functional to a significant degree.

Someone has produced a Wine-compatible Snap application for Notepad++. The Snap application simplifies the configuration of Wine, which would ordinarily be a little challenging. So that it is the best Notepadqq Alternatives. 

2. Vim Editor

Vim Editor Best Notepadqq Alternatives

Vim is a robust, fully configurable text editor that can be used to create any type of text. It resembles the “vi” text editor that comes with Apple’s OS X and other Unix systems.It is well-known for its multi-level undo tree, complex plugin system, support for too many file types and computer languages to list, and compatibility with a large number of tools.

3. Nano Editor

Nano Editor Best Notepadqq Alternatives

Nano is a command line-based, an open-source text editor for Unix-like operating systems. It was inspired by a portion of Pine’s email client and Pico’s text editor, but with far more features.

Among its features are syntax highlighting, the ability to comment/uncomment lines with a single keyboard (M-3), bindable functions, and the simple removal of trailing white space from justified paragraphs.

4. Lime Text

Lime Text Best Notepadqq Alternatives

Lime Text is a QML-based Open Source alternative to Sublime Text if you hadn’t already guessed. It resembles Sublime Text in both appearance and functionality.

There are no available packages for Lime Text, so installation must be performed from the source.

5. GNU Emacs

GNU Emacs Best Notepadqq Alternatives

It is also best Notepadqq Alternatives. GNU Emacs is a configurable, extensible, open-source, self-documenting, real-time display text editor in the popularly extensible EMACS family of text editors.

Its features include syntax highlighting support for a variety of file types and languages, customization via Emacs Lisp code or a graphical user interface, full Unicode support, comprehensive built-in documentation and tutorials, and more.

6. Atom

Atom is a modern, aesthetically pleasing, and potent text editor. Like Notepadqq Alternatives, allows you to install packages, or plugins, to add functionality.

Atom combines the greatest Notepad++ plugins with a touch of Sublime Text’s usability to create a beautiful application.

Atom’s features include:

  • Cross-platform —  compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Smart auto-complete —  As you type, it will automatically complete common syntax for you.
  • File system browser — Open several files from a single window.
  • Multiple panes —This allows you to divide Atom into many panes and tabs, allowing you to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Packages — Search for, install, and create packages to extend the functionality of Atom.

7. Gedit

Gedit Best Notepadqq Alternatives

Gedit is an open-source text editor application with a clean and simple user interface designed for general-purpose text editing. It is the default text editor for the GNOME desktop environment and is GNOME’s own text editor.

gedit’s features include file backup, text wrapping, line numbering, remote file editing, font and color customization, regex support, and more.

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8. Geany

Geany Best Notepadqq Alternatives

Geany is an open-source GTK+ text editor designed to give users a fast, lightweight IDE that has few dependencies on other software packages.

It includes a toggle console, many programming languages, file format support, code folding, call hints, code navigation, and symbol name auto-completion, among other things.

Some of the features on offer with Geany are:

  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Code folding.
  • Auto-complete of XML and HTML tags.
  • Various supported file types including C, Java, PHP, HTML, Python, Perl, etc.
  • Compile and execute code.
  • Install plugins.

9. Sublime Text

Sublime Text Best Notepadqq Alternatives

This is a highly effective cross-platform editor that not only looks fantastic but also functions well. Sublime Text is the only editor on our list that is not free nor Open Source; a full license costs $70.

Sublime Text has a number of useful features, such as:

  • Go To Anything — Opens files with a few keystrokes and allows you to immediately jump to symbols, lines, or words.
  • Command Pallet — This enables you to leverage features such as sorting, adjusting the syntax, and modifying the indentation settings.
  • Distraction-free mode — Full-screen, chrome-free editing with your text in the screen’s center.
  • Split editing — This allows you to compare and edit several files side-by-side, maximizing the use of widescreen monitors.

10. Kate

Kate Best Notepadqq Alternatives

Kate (KDE Advanced Text Editor) is an open-source GUI text editor that has been packaged with KDE products services since 2001.

It is a component used for editing in Quanta Plus, the LaTeX front-end, and KDevelop, among other technologies. Its capabilities include code folding, customizable syntax highlighting through XML files, automatic character encoding identification, and more. That is why it is also the best Notepadqq Alternatives.

11. SciTE

SciTE is a SCIntilla-based text editor that was initially developed to illustrate Scintilla but has since proven useful for building and executing programs with typically simple setups. It has a tabbed interface with syntax highlighting, support for bidirectional text, assistance scripts, and programmable keyboard shortcuts, among other things.

A free version of SciTE is available for Linux-compatible systems with GTK+ and Windows, although a paid version can be downloaded through the Mac App Store.

12. CodeLobster

CodeLobster Best Notepadqq Alternatives

CodeLobster is a totally free, portable. And multipurpose integrated development environment (IDE) developed for PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript applications with support for over 15 frameworks. It provides users with nearly all of the capabilities of paid apps. Like pair highlighting, tooltips, PHP and JS debugging, advanced autocomplete, incremental find, etc.

The enterprise-worthy capabilities of the professional edition include SASS and LESS. And  Split window compare, code validation, a SQL manager, and a multitude of extra plugins.

13. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code Best Notepadqq Alternatives

Microsoft Corporation’s Visual Studio Code is a robust, versatile, fully customizable, cross-platform text editor. It provides users on all platforms with a single environment for developing and testing programs written in any language and for any platform.

VS Code includes IntelliSense, built-in Git commands, an integrated debugger with debugging breaks, call stacks, an interactive interface, and support for virtually any programming language, among other things.

Notepadqq Alternatives Pros and cons

On the Ubuntu platform, both Notepad++ and Notepadqq are accessible as snap applications. So what distinguishes them from one another? Here are their advantages and disadvantages:


Since the Notepad++ snap app runs on top of WINE, you have access to the exact same Windows program. However, the issue with this running-under-WINE thing is the programs. Window scaling is too small, i.e. the User Interface (UI) fonts. Making it difficult for those with impaired eyesight to use such applications. In addition, you do not receive the native appearance and feel; instead, the program has an interface similar to Windows 2000.


Notepadqq is a native Linux application built with Qt technology. It complements the Ubuntu environment, as its user interface typefaces are neither too little nor too large. Similar to Notepad++, certain capabilities may be absent from this program, and its user interface has a classic Windows appearance.

Now that the benefits and cons have been discussed, we will return to the matter at hand. Installing Notepadqq will be covered, along with the program’s overview, capabilities, and fascinating features.

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Pixel Notepad is an excellent Notepadqq Alternatives as a text editor. Programmers that enjoy coding with a robust text editor have access to an abundance of tools. Install snap on your Linux computer to install Notepadqq if you have not installed Ubuntu but another popular Linux distribution. I am aware that no TextEditor can replace notepad++, but I still suggest giving it a try. You have the option of reverting to notepad++ if you did not like the editor.

However, if you have a feature request for notepadqq, please submit it to the official notepadqq GitHub repository.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Notepadqq Alternatives

Is Notepad qua Notepadqq?

Notepadqq is a Linux-based text editor for programmers. It is an alternative to Notepad++, the most widely used Windows text editor among programmers. Notepadqq and Notepad++ are both accessible as Snap apps on the Ubuntu platform.

Is there a Notepad++ for Linux?

Popular text editor Notepad++ is only available for Windows and does not provide official support for Linux.

Is there anything better than Notepad++?

The most popular alternatives and competitors to Notepad++ include Sublime Text, Atom, UltraEdit, Visual Studio Code, and Vim.

Can Notepad++ run on Ubuntu?

Notepad++ can be installed on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and later using the Ubuntu Software app: Launch the Ubuntu Software program. Look for “notepad++” Click install next to the search result that shows.

What is wine Linux?

Wine is an application that allows Windows programs to be run on Linux. Wine is comparable to an emulator, but it utilizes a different technology that enhances performance. This guide will teach you how to install Wine on Ubuntu. An account with Sudo permissions. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop Installed or Ubuntu 20.04.

What is DocPad? is used for server-client communication in real-time. Browserify allows server-side code to be shared directly with the client. Native preprocessor rendering, including CoffeeScript, CoffeeKup, Stylus, and LessCSS, etc.

Which Notepad is best for Java?

NetBeans is an open-source code editor for programming languages such as Java, PHP, C++, and others. This editor incorporates code analyzers and converters. This code editor is superior to Notepad++ and enables the usage of new Java 8 language constructs in your apps.

Is Notepad good for coding?

Notepad takes the concept of “simplicity” to its logical conclusion. However, what it lacks in word processing, it makes up for as a simple scratchpad for fundamental coding. Notepad is a dependable repository for obsolete programming languages, such as VBScript, in addition to its text-editing capabilities.

Which Do You Prefer?

There is a multitude of excellent text editors available for Linux. Therefore, it makes little difference if we do not have Notepad++ available!

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