Twitch Channel Points: How to Activate and Get Them Quickly

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Channel Points are those Affiliate Streamers who can put on their streams, and viewers will earn for taking actions and interacting with the Streamer themselves. Remember that to do this; you need to be an affiliate.

Here we will show you how to get channel points on Twitch quickly and effectively. Without further ado, let’s get to the main section.

How to Get Channel Points on Twitch

Once the affiliate is achieved, we go to our creator panel, and in the menu on the left, we will see a section where it says Channel Points. From there, we will have to activate it and have our channel points ready to be generated.

If you want to know how to activate Twitch on any device, read this guide on Twitch activation.

Customize channel points

The points will be bubbles by default, but you can turn them into whatever you want. To do this, in the row to customize the points view, we click on edit, as seen in the image above, and now we will have to give a name to the points of our channel and find the same idea that represents said topics, with some different sizes, as shown in the picture:

Channel Point Rewards

Here we leave it to your imagination; It may be that, for example, 100 points make you drink a bottle of water, and for 300 points you make a dub… in the end, it’s whatever you want. We leave you an example of what you can put: With time, you will adapt the points to each reward, although by default, Twitch already brings you some predetermined ones:

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And other ideas can be:

  • Create a survey.
  • Answer a question without saying no.
  • Sole.
  • Read weird news: Enter a website and read weird news.
  • Put the song you want in the background.
  • Paint me in the paint.

Earn Channel Points on Twitch Faster

To get more points legally is by opening chests. How funny, but if you have to keep an eye on the chests… yes, but with the following browser extension, it will be done automatically.

Although legal, this would be considered a cheat to get channel points.

  1. To do this, we have to download the Better TTV extension that you can do from here and add it to your browser (Opera, firefox or chrome).
  2. Once this is added to our browser, using the browser itself where we have this extension installed (this is important, it will not work if you open another one where this extension is not installed), in our profile on the top right, it will press you. We will have to select the BetterTTV settings option.
  3. And once this is done, we have to activate the option Auto-claim Bonus Channel points, and with this, we can leave it since the channeling points of the chests will open them automatically.

For any difficulties or troubleshooting, please read this guide on how to fix shrink errors easily.

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