VIDEO: Beauty pageant husband invades the stage and destroys the crown of Miss Gay Mato Grosso

The relationship between husband and wife is based on love and understanding. If a man is really in love with you, he can do anything for you. It is said that when you enter into a marriage, the happiness and sadness of you connect with your partner. That is why anything good or bad that happens to one partner can affect the other partner. Something similar happened during the final round of a beauty pageant. When the host declared the name of the contest winner, the contestant’s husband was furious after his wife was declared a finalist.

Beauty Pageant Husband Video

In her anger, she breaks the beauty pageant winner’s crown. The unexpected behavior of her has been captured in the video that is currently circulating all over the web. People are quite shocked by the man’s behavior and some side with him as according to them the man was showing his love towards his partner and how he was affected when his wife didn’t was declared the winner. This incident is all over the web and people are looking to know the details and that is why they are searching various websites to know more about it.

Revolt at the end of the Miss Brasil Gay 2023 contest. Torcedor starts the winner’s crown and plays the boy during the award ceremony.

— Bruno Guzzo® (@brunoguzzo) May 28, 2023

This incident reportedly occurred at Miss Gay Mato Grosso in 2023. It is an LGBTQ+ beauty pageant that takes place in Brazil every year. Now, speaking of the latest viral news, the beauty pageant contestant’s husband jumped on stage and snatched the winner’s crown from her hands and smashed her to the ground with a bang. The reason behind his act was identified as that he was disappointed after seeing his second wife. According to a local media outlet, the beauty pageant was held in Brazil on Saturday.

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The video that is going viral is recorded by a bystander who was present at the contestant. As soon as the video was uploaded on the web, it went viral on social media platforms and people shared their reactions about it. The video shows the 2 finalists Emanuelly Belini and Nathalie Becker on stage and a woman approaching them to announce the winner. To build a bit of suspense, she kept moving the crow over the finalists as the crowd hooted with anticipation. Later, Belini was announced as the winner of the contest and the host proceeded to place the crown on her head. But first, the host put the crown, and the runner-up’s husband jumped in and disturbed the happy moment of the winner.

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