Video captures terrifying moment armed thugs ambush wealthy investor in his driveway

Shocking surveillance footage shows the shocking moment armed thugs ambushed a wealthy Texas investor in his driveway during a brazen botched robbery.

Mark Gardner, 73, had just arrived at his $1.1 million Dallas home in his BMW when three would-be burglars jumped out and surrounded the vehicle around 1 p.m. Tuesday, affiliate WFAA-TV News reported. ABC.

A terrified Gardner told his stepson, a passenger in the car, to call his wife inside the house; He then called the police as the armed trio banged on the windows with their weapons.

“I never thought something like this would happen,” he told the outlet. “This is where they grabbed the butt of the gun and kept hitting it, ‘Surrender! Surrender!’

“I told him, ‘Call your mother right away and tell her to hide in the house! I’m going to call the police,’” she recalled.

Brave Gardner said he scared one of the thugs by knocking on the car window, then sped away after about 15 seconds, leaving the armed trio in the dust of his driveway.

David Gardner, 73, had just arrived home from the bank when three armed thugs broke into his car, pointed guns at him and banged on the windows. The quick-thinking investor sped away and left them in the dust. WFAA
Video shows armed trio surrounding man's carDallas police said three armed men followed investor David Gardner from the bank to his home and tried to rob him at gunpoint when he pulled into his driveway, known as “jugging.” He sped away before the robbers could get any cash.WFAA

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The would-be robbers fled before police arrived and remain on the loose, but Gardner says he hopes the trio appreciates that they dodged a bullet.

“Maybe they think they’re invincible,” he told WFAA. “But if you think they’re that tough, wait until they get to prison.”

Cops said the criminals followed Gardner from the bank to his home and jumped out to rob him once he got home, a practice police call “jugging.”

Gardner and his family were shaken but not hurt.

Three potential robbers are seen outside a man's car.David Gardner, 73, refused to open the window when three armed men surrounded his car and managed to speed away before they could get inside. The criminals fled before the police arrived. They are still loose. WFAA

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