VIDEO: judge performs stripper show in the Palace of Justice

A judge identified as Vivian Polanía starred in an ‘erotic show’ in the facilities of the Palace of Cúcuta, Colombia.

The show starred a stripper and a penis-shaped masmelo, as a celebration of the day of love at the Palace of Justice.

The video, published by Judge Vivian Polonía herself at the beginning, shows the senior official with approximately 20 other people at the bizarre celebration.

Although the video was deleted from social networks, several users managed to capture the moments that were experienced inside the entity’s facilities.

In the records, the woman, who works as a Guarantee Control judge in that city, is seen performing an erotic dance with a man who would have been hired to give a stripper show at the celebration.

It is also seen that the woman plays sensually with a snack and makes suggestive movements.

The judge, laughing, watches as the man fills the sandwich with condensed milk, and then eats it on a piece of paper with the logos of the Superior Council of the Judiciary.

Statement on the event

In this regard, the Sectional Council of the Judiciary of Norte de Santander called for respecting the spaces of the Francisco de Paula Santander Palace of Justice, and issued a statement to officials working in that region.

“The Sectional Council of the Judiciary of Norte de Santander and Arauca, in joint work with the Sectional Directorate of Judicial Administration of Cúcuta, which in order to guarantee the appropriate use of the spaces assigned to the Francisco de Paula Santander Palace of Justice of Cúcuta, It is necessary to establish the guidelines that must be observed by officials and employees, in relation to their effective use,” the statement reads.

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Vivian Polanía had already been reported

Judge Vivian Polanía had already been in the eye of the storm after appearing in the middle of a virtual hearing half-naked and smoking.

At that time, the senior official was suspended by the Sectional Judicial Disciplinary Commission of Norte de Santander and Arauca for not observing the rules stipulated for this type of proceedings.

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