What did Featherweight say about El Chapo? The CJNG threatens the ‘Doble P’ for his songs and narcocorridos

After the serious threat to Peso Pluma by the Jalisco Cartel, many wonder what Peso Pluma said about El Chapo and why it caused outrage.

What did Featherweight say about El Chapo? It is the million dollar question of the moment, since now the Mexican singer is in danger of losing his life for mentioning and talking about El Chapo in one of his songs.

Peso Pluma, whose real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande, is one of the most well-known and beloved narcocorrido singers of the moment, this since his worldwide hit ‘She Baila Sola’.

This has put ‘Doble P’ in the spotlight, since although it has all kinds of hits, a large part of its songs are narcocorridosa musical genre that talks about the life of drug traffickers and that does not condemn it, but praises it.

The singer's last performance was at the MTV Music Awards.  Photo: billboardThe singer’s last performance was at the MTV Music Awards. Photo: billboard

For this reason, this music has been criticized and questioned for many years, for openly promoting violence. Something that is even reflected in the music videos of the songs, where the artists pose next to firearms.

This type of behavior has put Peso Pluma in the crosshairs of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), which placed several banners in Tijuana a few days ago, threatening the singer with death.

The 24-year-old Mexican has a concert scheduled in Tijuana on October 14, however the presentation is still “we’ll see” because the CJNG warns the singer that by performing, he will die at the hands of the drug trafficking group.

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“This goes to you Featherweight, refrain from showing up on October 14th because it will be your last performance, this is disrespectful and loose-tongued. You show up and we’re going to get rid of all your M*****. Att CJNG”, read the so-called “narcomanta“.

Mexican police reported that one person was arrested when one of the blankets was placed.  Photo: TMZMexican police reported that they arrested a person while placing one of the blankets. Photo: TMZ

What did Featherweight say about El Chapo?

After the threat, information is circulating that the CJNG supposedly threatened Peso Pluma for talking about El Chapo, a figure whom the singer has praised since 2022, where he even put an image of the drug trafficker in one of his presentations.

The Mexican has a long list of songs and although in many of them he talks about criminal groups, one of the clearest occasions where he talks about El Chapo is in the single ‘Siempre pending’.

The song was released in 2022 and is spoken from the point of view of a person who works for El Chapo.

In a Urus I go for a walk Ten trucks look back I take care of Mr. Guzmán’s square And I bring Piyi as a security ring

This is just one example in this case, although it should be noted that in the video clip, Peso Pluma sings the songs while holding firearms. The video has been restricted on YouTube due to its content.

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