What happened to James Jaronczyk? Missing boater found dead in Great South Bay

What happened to James Jaronczyk? Missing Boater Found Dead in Great South Bay: Recently, the missing case of James Jaronczyk is going viral on the internet. The public is still following the case for further updates on it. Not only that they are also looking for him and how he disappeared. In this article, we have brought all the information about the missing case of James Jaronczk. Keep scrolling through the article to know more about it.

James Jaronczyk: Missing boater found dead in Great South Bay

James Jaronczyk, a Massapequa boater, has been mentioned frequently online as a result of her disappearance. The boater drowned in Great South Bay after falling overboard. The James rescue effort is expanding. He reportedly disappeared Sunday afternoon off the Suffolk County coast near Babylon. The avid sailor and runner has caught the attention of a wide audience, and has scared his family since Jaronczyk has yet to be located. James Jaronczyk, a devoted boater and runner, went missing Sunday after last seen off the Suffolk County coast. James reportedly lost his balance in his speedboat on Sunday.

James Jaronczyk

James was dining at Tres Palms in Babylon before launching his 22-foot Progression speedboat around 4:30 p.m. Authorities and news sources claim Jaronczyk disappeared shortly after. James’s entire family is distraught and concerned as he has still not been located. Her sister, Amanda Jaronczyk, also posted on her Facebook page a request for everyone to remember her brother in her prayers. The recent case of James Jaronczyk has shown that he has not yet been located. Therefore, it is impossible to say if he is alive or dead. James must be remembered in prayers, according to each member of his family. The Coast Guard actively searched for 34 hours, covering a distance of about 1,000 nautical miles. According to a Coast Guard official, the search has been put on hold as more information is gathered.

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James JaronczykJames JaronczykJames Jaronczyk

The effort to save James is intensifying. While touring the cove and marinas with family and friends, the Coast Guard Marine and Aviation Office and Police began a rescue mission. The passionate boater reportedly set off James’ 22-foot Progression powerboat from the Tres Palms waterfront restaurant on Sunday afternoon. One observer claimed to have looked up and seen James hit a rogue wave. However, James was gone when the ship began to stabilize. According to a News 12 Long Island report, the search for James was formally suspended in anticipation of new information Monday at 8 p.m.

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