What happened to Nikki Allan? The nanny’s boyfriend ‘lured’ the young woman away from her house’

David Thomas Boyd is alleged to have killed a girl, Nikki Allan. What happened to Nikki Allan? People want to know more about her. You will get complete details about Nikki Allan in this article. Keep reading for more details.

What happened to Nikki Allan?

Nikki Allan was very young at the time of her murder. She was only seven years old. She was born and raised at Sunderland Tire and Wear. She lived at Waer Garth Flats. She had her mother, Sharon, and three sisters in her life. She liked carnivals and the different places her school took them to. Nikki she passed away on October 7, 1992. She was first struck by a brick and then stabbed 37 times. George was said to be the suspect. He was released at Leeds Crown Court in 1933.

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More details about the death of Nikki Allan:

Nikki Allan was only seven years old at the time of her death. Since she was reported missing, the police searched her all night. 100 people volunteer to find her. She was found in the basement of the Old Exchange Building. The police mention that George Heron moved in with his sister. Heron George lived at Wear Garth Flats. George Heron was not accepting the fact that he knows Nikki. He admitted it when some witnesses started saying they had seen him with Nikki. He was acquitted of murder in 1993. Nikki’s head received a severe blow and was bleeding inside. It was said that Nikki was killed by David. It was said that she appeared in custody. The case began on Wednesday. It was investigated. He disagreed with the investigators. He denied his involvement in the murder.

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More details on Wikipedia and Nikki Allan’s family:

Nikki Allan was a seven year old girl. A suspect killed her by hitting her over the head with a brick. Later, she was stabbed many times. Her mother is completely broken and heartbroken. People support her and send her condolences. Let’s conclude the above


It was said that Nikki Allan was murdered by someone in 1992. People are sending condolences to her family. The family has asked for some privacy. Many years have passed since the murder. Her family wants justice for Nikki. They are fighting for years. The case has resumed. The investigation has been initiated. Can he get justice this time? This was all about the Nikki Allan murder case. Stay tuned for more details.

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