What happened to Norma Lizbeth? She was killed by her bully during a school fight.

Protests have broken out across Mexico after Norma Lizbeth’s video went viral on the internet. Throughout the country, you can see various demonstrations of the people. Ever since the Norma Lizbeth case went viral on the internet, people have been demanding justice for Norma Lizbeth. Do you know what happened to Norma Lizbeth and why the protests have taken place across the country? If not, this article will help you to know the matter in detail. This story has been a town topic and trending on social media ever since it happened. However, we have come to some notable points that you should know about this story. So be sticky with this page and you should read it till the end. Continue reading the page. Drag down.

Norma Lizbeth Video

Video shows Norma Lizbeth bullying during a school fight

The Mexican police were forced to take action as it sparked several protests across the country. Every day new details about the incident become known, so people demand justice for Norma Lizbeth. Norma Lizbeth’s video went viral after a youtuber named Jackie Flores spoke about the case in her video. Flores said that Norma Lizbeth was an ambitious girl who wanted to be a nurse and help others. Norma Lizbeth was a student at Teotihuacan Official Secondary School 0518. She drags the page and reads more details.

All was well and running smoothly until students were called to attend school after lockdown. When Norma Lizbeth returned to her school after Covid-19, she became a victim of bullying. According to reports, Norma Lizbeth’s classmate named Azahara Aylin Martinez started bullying Norma Lizbeth because of her skin, her curly hair, and her family status. Move on to the next section and read more details about it.

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Norma Lizbeth Video

Reportedly, Norma Lizbeth sought help from her teacher on several occasions, but things suddenly got out of hand and her classmates started threatening her. One day, Azahara challenged Norma Lizbeth to fight outside the school. But the school’s administration and staff were unaware of the matter, so no action was taken at the time. During the fight, Azahara attacked Norma Lizbeth with a rock. Neighbors intervened during the fight and helped Norma Lizbeth by taking her to the hospital. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Norma Lizbeth Video

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