Who is Amanda Hicks’ fiancé? Age, name: FIA professor murdered by boyfriend

The horrific murder-suicide that claimed the life of Amanda Hicks was committed by her fiancé, shocking and shocking the community. The tragic news broke of a terrible murder-suicide in the city of Port St. Lucie, Florida. A respected high school teacher named Amanda Hicks and her 10-month-old son were discovered dead. According to the investigation, Hicks was fatally stabbed by her fiancee before committing suicide. The horrific incident has left the neighborhood in shock and in need of explanations. This article will examine the tragic circumstances behind the untimely death of Amanda Hicks, analyze recently revealed information, and discuss the effects of this unfortunate event.

Who is Amanda Hicks’ fiancé?

High school teacher Amanda Hicks, 26, was savagely murdered by her fiancé, whose identity has not been officially released by authorities. The community is still in disbelief and grief over the horrible events in Port St. Lucie. The couple had just lived in their apartment at the Peacock Run Apartments on Northwest East Torino Parkway for three weeks when tragedy struck. Concerns from a family member led to a police welfare check, resulting in a horrific finding. Officers entered the residence and discovered the lifeless bodies of Hicks and her fiancée along with her crying infant daughter, who miraculously escaped unharmed.

Amanda Hicks

When it was announced that FIA professor Amanda Hicks had been tragically murdered by her lover, the shocking news spread quickly. Dr. David Anderson High School reading instructor Amanda Hicks was known for her enthusiasm for the subject and her optimistic personality. Her coworkers and friends remembered her as a cheerful and vivacious person who made everyone around her smile. The young instructor unexpectedly deleted her social media accounts and made no mention that she was pregnant or in a relationship, according to Hicks’ close friend, Raquel Magallon.

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Amanda Hicks

The owner of a baby clothing company, Magallon, expressed her shock upon learning of Hicks’ unborn child because she had anticipated hearing from her friend. Her friends and acquaintances are shocked and heartbroken by the news of Hicks’ pregnancy and the tragic events that followed. The city of Port St. Lucie, Florida is in disbelief and mourning following the tragic and unexpected death of Amanda Hicks, a beloved high school teacher. Many people are interested in learning more about Amanda’s life, her accomplishments, and how she affected those around her, as friends, family, and co-workers mourn her passing. Examining Amanda Hicks’ obituary in detail provides a window into the extraordinary person she was and the legacy she leaves behind. So this was all about this case. So, stay tuned for PKB news.

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