Who is Don Design for AKA? Don Design is arrested? Real name and Instagram

Ever since South African rapper AKA was murdered in front of a restaurant, countless stories have been surfacing on the internet. In fact, netizens have started scrolling through AKA’s personal life pages. Meanwhile, AKA’s wife found herself on trending searches on social media right after his death. Now AKA’s friend named Don Designer is in netizens’ conversations. But why? According to sources, Don Designer is considered a suspect in the conspiracy to kill AKA despite knowing that he is good friends with AKA. He is asked to stick to this page and develop this matter by reading this article to the end. He kindly scroll down the page and take a look at the following sections.

Don Design is arrested?

After the tragic death of Kiernan Forbes, several clips of the incident surfaced on the Internet. Amid the frenzy to find out who is the suspect in the murder of rapper AKA, consumers on social media have begun spreading a story claiming that Don Designer could be a suspect. Also, Don Designer is also in one of the viral videos. A video of moments before the AKA attack is available on social media. In the video, AKA’s friend Don Designer can be seen wearing a white shirt outside the restaurant where AKA was ambushed. This is why netizens name Don Designer as the main suspect in the conspiracy to assassinate the rapper.

Also Known As Wife Accident

Who is Don Design for AKA?

Many people socially claim that Don Designer is involved in hatching the conspiracy to kill rapper AKA. But this fact does not make sense. In addition, the officials have also warned people for naming someone a suspect in the AKA murder without any proof. However, an investigation is ongoing and detectives are closely looking into the case. They are studying each and every aspect of the case. The circumstances surrounding the death of rapper AKA are being examined by the South African police.

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aka's girlfriend

Don Design is murdered aka?

Speaking of Don Designer, he is a multi-talented artist who excels in DJing, music video production, creative direction, and fashion design. He’s been with rapper AKA ever since he helped him recover a lost kit. They later worked together and recorded behind the scenes for AKA’s music videos. Don Designer later became the creative director for rapper AKA and they worked on merchandise designs before AKA started their Monday2Monday imprint. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

aka's girlfriend

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