Who is Joseph Eaton? Arrested for killing his parents and two of his friends in Maine

Rumors are spreading that Joseph Eaton is in jail. he is in jail? It is said that he was arrested for killing 4 people. You will get complete details about Joseph Eaton in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Who is Joseph Eaton? Why is he arrested?

Joseph Eaton is arrested for killing 4 people in Bowdoin. He was taken into custody. The shooting was done openly in random vehicles. The incident took place on Augusta Road at I-295 in Yarmouth. Four bodies were found Tuesday morning. The mobile crime lab arrived at his house around 3 p.m. José is currently in custody. He has been charged with the murder of 4 people. Eaton will appear in court for a hearing this week. The victims are still not recognized by anyone. The police will update the case soon. No information about the victim has yet been released.

Joseph Eaton

Eaton started up before firing. He spoke more about his trauma and sexual abuse on the live stream. It is said that he is shooting three drivers near the interstate. He openly fired at random cars on Interstate 295 in Yarmouth. One of the three drivers is in serious condition. He’s coming in for a court hearing this week. He is currently in the Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset, Maine. He asked people to forgive him on his live broadcast. He’s currently making headlines for shooting people. We don’t have any information about personal or professional life yet.

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Joseph Eaton

But from his live stream and Facebook posts, it appears he was married and also talked about his children. It is said that he is going through severe trauma. His live broadcast of him hinted at his mental illness when he mentioned being forgiven. The final verdict will be announced on the basis of documents and evidence. He may not be forgiven. The police are also trying to find information about the victim’s relatives.


A recent incident took place where a guy, Eaton, is said to be involved in the murder of four people. The reason behind the shooting has yet to be revealed. He is also told that he has a mental illness. He has been arrested. There has been no information about the victim’s family. The hearing will take place the following day. He has asked for forgiveness. He has already been accused of shooting four people. This was all about the Joseph Eaton shooting case. We will update you as soon as we find out.

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