Who is Litzareli Madrigal? They explain the controversy over the bullying of Jackie La Bonita

The internet has been obsessed with Tiktok user Jackie La Bonita recently. This comes after the internet personality exposed two of his stalkers at a Houston Astros game, which also led to them being scammed on social media. Since then, the identities of the thugs Litzareli Madgrigal and Alondra Poullet have spread like wildfire. At one point, The J. Bear Real Estate Company organization began receiving negative reviews, as many believed that Madrigal worked there. After the controversy garnered immense traction, one of the bullies took to social media to address the matter.

Who is Litzareli Madrigal?

For those unversed, TikTok user Jackie La Bonita recently took to the video-sharing platform to reveal that the two bullies who have now been identified as Poullet and Madrigal were making fun of her in a game. In the video, the girls can be seen sticking their tongues out at Jackie La Bonita, calling her ‘lame’ and giving her the middle finger at her, which is eventually a negative gesture to one person. Bonita revealed in the video that the situation almost brought her to tears and she lost her confidence after that incident. The video garnered more than 20 million views on multiple social media platforms, with Internet users also finding out the identity of the stalkers in question.

This is what Litzareli Madrigal said about the Jackie La Bonita video. Despite both women being expelled for their actions, Litzareli Madrigal was the only one to address the matter at hand. According to her private social media account, she is a real estate agent based in Houston, Texas, and Los Angeles. Netizens managed to capture a story that Madrigal had posted online where she addressed the situation. In the video, she is seen apologizing to Jackie for her actions. In the social media post, Madrigal also explained that a cameraman “caught her off guard” and was taking photos of her, which led her to feel “violated and disrespected,” which made her “reactive right now.” .

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Litzareli MadrigalLitzareli Madrigal

Litzareli Madrigal went on to clarify that The J. Beard Real Estate Company, the organization netizens believed he worked with, was in no way involved in this matter. She went on to ask netizens not to hold them accountable for their actions. Some negative criticism the company has received since the viral reading of the Jackie La Bonita video. According to research done on Google Trends, netizens were eager to learn more about the bully. They started looking at Madrigal’s Linkedin account. However, the same was not available online at the time of writing this article. Jackie La Bonita had also not responded to Litzrreli Madrigal’s apology as of this writing.

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