Who is Prottoy Heron? Popular YouTuber arrested!

There are many ways to earn money online. But you need to learn the rules and guidelines of the Internet so you don’t end up breaking them. Still, there are many people who commit such crimes or break the rules that they are normally unaware of, but the result is really bad. We often hear about cybercrime, but most of the time we don’t know. Something similar happened with a popular Youtuber who violated the rules of the Internet despite knowing the consequences of it. We all know that Google AdSense is a way of generating income for many people who run their own websites or Youtube channels, but most of the social media influencers and content creators promote a lot of commercial things to earn extra income.

Who is Protoy Heron?

If you’re following any social media influencer or content creator, you’ve usually seen these types of collaboration or product promotion videos in their content. It’s basically another method of generating income, and many social media stars and content creators are usually seen doing this, but they need to understand what kind of products they need to promote or not, otherwise they may pay a heavy fine for it. . . If you already know this but still take it lightly then you are making him very confused as your single mistake or wrong promotion can land you in prison.

Born June 14, 2001
Age 22 years
place of birth Narayanganj, Bangladesh
Occupation Youtuber, Actor
native name প্রত্যয় হিরন
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Education Narayanganj College and University
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Prottoy Heron Arrested

One of these popular Bengali YouTubers is facing consequences and was arrested on the accusation of advertising gambling. The famous Youtuber identifies himself as Prottoy Heron. Maybe this name is new to you but many Bengali users surely know it as it is quite popular among Bengali people. The real name of the Youtuber is Pratya Hiran, he is currently in jail. The famous Youtuber along with 2 of his associates have reportedly been arrested by the Bangladeshi police. According to the Bangladesh Police Intelligence Department, there is an indictment against Pratya Hiran for advertising gambling in his dramas and videos.

Police claim that Youtuber and his associates created the video on purpose to promote international gambling sites. Not only this, he and his associates also promote foreign gaming platforms through agents. Police filed a suo moto case at the Ramna Police Station after learning about it. The case was filed against him, and during the investigation, the police learned that he promotes international gambling sites in his videos that he posted on Facebook and Youtube. The Youtuber was under police surveillance for quite some time.

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