Who was Hamdan Aslam? Teenager who died after an incident at West Lothian School, St Kents

Recently news of the death at St Kentigern’s Academy in West Lothian is going viral on the internet. Everyone is surfing the internet to know more about this case. Everyone likes to know what happened there and what was the cause of death. Whenever the public gets the news related to the death of the child they are always shocked how something like this can happen to the child as the news about St Kentigern Academy is going viral here we bring all the information about the death . that happens over there. Keep reading to know more.

Hamdan Aslam died following an incident at St Kentigern’s Academy in Blackburn, West Lothian (Image: UGC)

Who was Hamdan Aslam?

Emergency personnel were called to St. Kentigern’s Academy on June 6 due to complaints about the safety of a teenager, and Hamdan Aslam was later pronounced dead. He was sent to the hospital by ambulance, but passed away shortly after. The 14-year-old from the Greenrigg and Harthill neighborhood was honored at Bathgate Mosque. They declared: “We belong to Allah and to Him we will return.” in a social media post. The untimely death of Hamdan of Greenrigg/Harthill, son of Aslam and Robiena, has grieved the neighborhood, especially as he missed a young life.

Hamdan Aslam Saint Kent deathSt Kentigern Academy (Image: Daily Record)

“The family is struggling right now and needs our prayers and support. We pray to Allah (swt) that the family have a saber (patience) to bear this loss and give Hamdan the highest rank in the Jannah. It is imperative that we avoid speculating and making assumptions about this catastrophe. Once the Janaza has been verified, we will let the neighborhood know and ask everyone to respect the family during this difficult time by being kind and considerate of them. “May Allah give us the ability to bear this loss, and may He accept our prayers for Hamdan’s soul.” The incident, according to the school, was “isolated within school grounds” and resources have been put in place for children affected by the incident, including emotional support.

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Hamdan Aslam Saint Kent DeathCousin Zain Mohammed (Image: Facebook)

On the school’s website, a statement was made saying: “We can confirm that emergency services were summoned to St Kentigern’s Academy earlier today following an isolated incident within the school premises. We have set up emotional support and signage for students affected by today’s incident and are unable to comment further at this time due to an ongoing police investigation. “All the parents of the students directly affected have been contacted and we are assisting the relevant authorities with their ongoing investigations. Fiona Hyslop, a local MSP, expressed her heartfelt condolences to the student’s family and friends. At this difficult time, I hope those closest to him are afforded the privacy they deserve.

Hamdan Aslam Saint Kent DeathPolice at St Kentigern’s Academy (Image: Daily Record)

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