Who was José Pisani? Briton held for death in La Cala is rescued

José Pisani, 55, works at former Towie star Elliott Wright’s Costa del Sol restaurant. Pisani worked as a porter at the restaurant. After a recent event in which Pisani was killed in a fight at the Costa del Sol restaurant, his name has become the talk of the town. Pisani has been affiliated with Wright’s restaurant for the past two years. Wright is a British reality star best known for his role on The Only Way Is Essex.

Jose Pisani

Who was José Pisani?

José Pisani, also known as José Rafael Pisani Pardo, was a doorman at the Costa del Sol restaurant. He was also a Venezuelan-born Spaniard. Pisani was friendly to everyone and had a good relationship with Elliott Wright, the owner of a restaurant on the Costa del Sol. Wright was devastated by Pisani’s death and paid his respects. Out of respect, he also chose to close the restaurant for two days. More information about Pisani is not yet available.

Jose Pisani

After failing to recover from his injuries, José Pisani was pronounced dead on Sunday. He has been injured after taking part in a fight at Olivia’s La Cala. Pisani is said to have had his life support system shut down after injuring himself while trying to evict one of the people involved in the incident at the Spanish restaurant. Pisani is reported to have hit his head when he fell to the ground. José was knocked unconscious and was sent to a hospital in Malaga, where he was taken to intensive care. When his death was revealed, everyone was stunned and tributes poured in on social media. The family also receives notes of condolences. Pisani was close to everyone, so the family has lost one of its most vital members. He was also a married man.

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Jose Pisani

José Pisani was a happily married man who shared his life with his beloved wife, Romina. Romina, his wife, is an Italian born in Chile. The couple reportedly got married five months ago. Meanwhile, they were already preparing to have children and build their own families. Romina Acun is a personal trainer and trade instructor, and her wedding took place in Las Vegas. Similarly, Pisni is alleged to be the father of two children from a previous relationship. In addition, the family is destroyed and Romina is one of the most depressed people. She has spoken to the media about the incident involving her husband. Romina said Pisani sent her a text message hours before the deadly incident to express her fear. Pisani said that he was scared because there were so many drunk people.

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