Who was the sergeant? Jessie Villanueva? Missing Adamson student found dead in Cavite

Death never comes without warning and always brings with it a lot of tears and pain. We all know that everyone has to die one day, but still, we are stuck in the cycle of life and every time this bitter truth comes out, it instantly breaks our hearts. No one wants to hear the news of the death of their loved ones, especially the person who has just started living his life and at the age of making his career puts his family, friends and loved ones in a state of mourning.

Adamson student found dead in Cavite

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the death of one such student who was previously missing but whose family prayed for his well-being and wanted him to see him alive, but now his hopes have been shattered into millions of pieces after hearing his death. news. We cannot imagine the pain of his family and the state of mind they are in now, since they heard the news about him. The deceased was a student at Adamson University and police were looking for him earlier after the missing person case was filed.


— Adamson University (@adamson_u) February 28, 2023

The student was reportedly reported missing on Saturday, February 18, 2023, but now his body has been recovered by police at Imus, located in Cavite. Now the police have filed the case as a murder and are currently investigating the matter. The family has been informed and they also identified the body as the missing student. Sergeant Jessie Villanueva, Imus Police Case Investigator, on Tuesday, February 28, 2023 states that the body of the late student was discovered near Barangay Malagasang. The deceased was identified as John Matthew Salilig.

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Who was the sergeant? Jessie Villanueva?

Ever since her family, friends and classmates heard the news of her death, they have constantly paid tribute and mourned her passing. His family is still in shock that he is gone. They had hoped to see him alive, but the news of his death has broken his hopes. Citing the initial investigation organized by the Binan police, Villanueva claims that Salilig was attending the initiation rites of a profession – Tau Gamma Phi – in Laguna on the same day the case of his disappearance was reported.

Villanueva stated that Binan police officers had recognized at least 15 fraternity people who are reportedly involved in Salilig’s disappearance and disappearance. Meanwhile, Adamson University previously claimed the “sad news of the death” of one of its students whose identity was not shared, but now the police have shared it and the school is also mourning his passing and feeling extremely saddened by his family. Police have not shared many details of the case and are trying to analyze the nature of the death.

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