Wife of Benito Castro, Who is Deborah Ochoa and how many children did she have with the Mexican comedian?

Discover who Benito Castro’s wife is and all the information known about Castro’s great love, with whom he was for 16 years.

A day ago the death of Benito Castro was announced, which has left many curious about his personal life, especially about his wife, Deborah Ochoa, who is now widowed with the death of the actor.

The news of Castro’s death has come to shock many throughout Latin America, this is because Benito was known as one of the great comedians of Mexico, and in 2023, his light went out at the age of 77.

On Monday, September 11, it was announced to the media that Castro died regretfully and due to a tragic accident, since in a fall, the actor broke his ribs and they pierced his lung, causing serious internal injuries that caused his death.

His real name was Arturo Castro Hernández, however loved and known more as ‘Benedict‘He also stood out for his controversies. For many years it was rumored that in his great friendship with Paco Stanley, Castro sold drugs to his friend.

Paco Stanley and Benito Castro. Photo: El Siglo de Torreón

Castro always denied these versions, although he openly admitted that he had a great friendship with Paco and that he had drug addiction problems. In addition to those controversies that were never clarified, Benito Castro was known for his work in the Mexican entertainment industry.

One of his notable achievements was composing the music for iconic programs such as “La Carabina de Ambrosio”, where his melody became the soundtrack for the humorous occurrences of this program. Additionally, he contributed to the music of “Llévatelo”, a show that captivated the audience with its humor and entertainment.

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Now that the singer and actor has passed away, many are wondering about his family and personal life, since apparently it was not as simple as the comedian implied during his life.

Who is Benito Castro’s wife?

Castro’s widow is Deborah Ochoa, who met the comedian while performing on Paco Stanley’s show. Although some media mention that love did not arise immediately, they fell in love while acting in theater.

It should be noted that Ochoa and Castro were together for 16 years, since they were married in 2007 and according to Infobae, the couple only had one daughter named Deborah. The same media indicates that Castro had another daughter but outside of marriage, named María José.

There is not much information about Déborah’s life, however, she always highlighted the fact of the age difference between her and her husband.

Ochoa was the comedian’s second wife and after Castro’s death, she gave an interview to the media where she confirmed that she would dress her husband cheerfully for the funeral.

“We didn’t want to put it in black or anything, so it’s something very relaxed, my daughter asked me for a pink jacket and a white shirt,” Ochoa reported as he headed to his car and made a detour to talk to the media.

In addition, Ochoa was seen in other videos crying uncontrollably after the news of the death of her husband, who was hospitalized for several days.

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