Woman Tweets About Mall Worker Forced To Stand For Over 8 Hours, Internet Calls It ‘Inhumane’

Can you imagine being on your feet for more than eight hours straight? What if your job requires you to do it? Will you be able to do it?

It seems that few people have no choice but to follow it. A woman spoke about the same thing on Twitter and it caught the attention of the internet. This is what she had to say.

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Woman highlights the sad reality of an employee forced to stand for an entire 8-hour shift

This young man was seen standing at this place under the escalator from 12 noon (again Chennai Phoenix Mall. I came to know that their service hours are 12 noon to 8:30 pm). He had no seat. I noticed that no seat has been provided for him. Unable to stand up he was… pic.twitter.com/kbqFTANoZ7

โ€” Shobana Ravi, author (@ShobanaRaviNews) July 15, 2023

Author Shobana Ravi took to Twitter to describe a young man she saw waiting under an escalator in a shopping mall at 12 p.m. She later discovered that his work hours were from 12 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. She also saw that there was no seat for him to sit on.

Shobana emphasized how “cruel” it was to force someone to stand for 8 hours and 30 minutes. He then asked management a question.

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He observed the young man standing under an escalator at Chennai Phoenix Mall since midday, where his working hours were 12:00 to 20:30. Surprisingly, he was not provided with a seat, leaving him restless and leaning against the desk due to the discomfort of standing for so long. The situation seemed “cruel” to him since expecting someone to stand for 8 hours and 30 minutes is unfair.

The woman who noticed this incident, while having tea nearby, asked why the management did not provide a seat and treat these workers more decently. They wondered if the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments Act 1947 required the provision of seats for workers who have to wait for customers for long periods.

A woman’s tweet raised concerns about the working conditions faced by workers

Also, the concern raised by his friend, Mangalasundari Sarangarajan, regarding workers working for deep cleaning agencies caught everyone’s attention. These workers lock themselves inside the bathrooms while they use acid to clean the bathrooms, exposing themselves to dangerous fumes.

The woman suggested that heads of household insist on keeping doors open during cleanup and that agencies provide workers with proper protective gear. They urged the Tamil Nadu labor minister and commissioner to address these worrying working conditions faced by workers. This is what people wrote in the comments.

In most private schools there is no chair ๐Ÿช‘ for teachers to sit, teachers will have continuous classes too.

โ€” VMAHESH (@VMAHESHCAT) July 15, 2023

I found this inhumanity prevailing in London in all the shops and malls. Employees must be on their feet for the entire 6 hour shift they work there. And many also wore heels.

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โ€” S. Lalita (@Lolita_TNIE) July 16, 2023

I saw this in a restaurant bathroom. #QBA Connaught Place Delhi n despite my requests to provide a stool for the lady who also has to work at home, they refused to consider the pleas.

โ€” Latika (@imlnk) July 16, 2023

Major issue raised. We must be aware of such practices in the places we go to and for the people themselves too, there must be a mechanism, a system for improvement and suggestion that can draw attention to their problems.

โ€” Shams Ur Rehman Alavi ุดู…ุณ (@indscribe) July 15, 2023

This indicates the level of your mentality. No humility, no courtesy shown by some companies/organizations. The public should boycott such organizations where humans/employees are treated like slaves of old. Simple

โ€”Sandeep Chaprana (@SandeepChaprana) July 15, 2023

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