World Hypertension Day 2023: 5 ways to maintain a healthy level of blood pressure

World Hypertension Day 2023: The theme of World Hypertension Day 2023 is “measure your blood pressure accurately, control it, live longer”, focusing on combating low rates of awareness around the world. Scroll down to find out more.

World Hypertension Day 2023: Every year, World Hypertension Day is celebrated around the world to raise awareness of hypertension as a major health threat. It is a global initiative held every year on May 17 to raise awareness about the causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of hypertension.

Affecting millions of people worldwide, hypertension refers to a condition in which the pressure in the blood vessels is too high (140/90 mmHg or higher). The theme of World Hypertension Day 2023 is “measure your blood pressure accurately, control it, live longer”, with a focus on combating low rates of awareness around the world. Here are some lifestyle changes you can make to maintain healthy blood pressure levels and prevent hypertension.

Lifestyle changes to maintain healthy blood pressure levels

1. Maintain a healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Obesity is a major risk factor for essential hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions. To maintain a healthy weight, include foods high in fiber and protein in your diet combined with regular physical activity.

2. Balanced diet

A balanced diet plays an important role in determining the overall health and well-being of an individual. The heart-healthy diet known as the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) has been linked to benefits in lowering blood pressure levels in the body. It emphasizes eating healthy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts, while limiting sodium, sugar, and unhealthy fat intake.

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3. Regular Physical Activity

According to the Mayo Clinic, regular exercise strengthens the heart. A stronger heart can pump more blood with less effort. As a result, the force on the arteries decreases. This lowers blood pressure and prevents hypertension.

4. Manage stress levels

Stress can cause a sharp increase in blood pressure. But when the stress wears off, your blood pressure returns to what it was before the stress. However, short spikes in blood pressure can cause heart attacks or strokes and can also damage blood vessels, the heart and kidneys over time, states the Mayo Clinic. Managing daily stress levels is essential to keeping the body healthy. Practicing meditation, hobbies, and anything that reduces stress levels in the body can help lower blood pressure levels.

5. Limit Sodium Intake

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) report that increased salt intake can lead to water retention, leading to a high-flow condition in the arterial vessels. The mechanism of pressure natriuresis has been proposed as a physiological phenomenon in which an increase in BP in the renal arteries causes an increase in salt and water excretion.

(Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment.)

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