You can see it? Find the car with the lights on in this optical illusion challenge

There are mind-blowing puzzles in the realm of optical illusions that could make us question our perception. One such challenge making the rounds online asks you to locate a car with its lights on.

This optical illusion has taken over social networks, capturing the attention of curious minds and testing our ability to distinguish reality from fantasy.

It takes a typical person 45 seconds to see bright lightning in a busy environment.

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Lights, camera, illusion: identify the car with the lights on

Finding the car with the lights on is an optical illusionCredit: ICOMPARIO

The graph was shared on the comparison website iCompario to test people who enjoy the previews and quizzes. In the image there are numerous colored cars parked in eleven rows.

While models and colors vary, they all share one thing: their headlights are off. But one of the trucks hasn’t made it, and if you look closely, you’ll notice that its beams are aimed right at your eyes.


So can you spot the renegade car right away? Or are you someone who needs a sneak peek to solve the puzzle? If you are looking for a clue, try to focus on the upper right corner of the scene.

The car is circled below for you!

And if time is running out and you still need to figure it out, the third row down could be the key.

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That’s true; The yellow taxi-style car (circled below) has matching yellow lights and is the one you’re looking for.

Finding the car with the lights on is an optical illusionCredit: ICOMPARIO

The optical illusion of seeing the car with the lights on tests the remarkable visual processing capacity of our brain. It highlights how easily our perception can be affected and how difficult it can be to distinguish between fact and illusion.

So take the fight, enjoy the upset, and rejoice when you finally see the car with its lights on.

It serves as a reminder of the complexities and wonders of human perception.

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