You need to know this! Waiter reveals shocking bill trick used when they want you to leave

A waitress revealed the secret method for determining when the restaurant wants you to leave. If you’ve ever worked in the hospitality industry, you know how mentally draining it can be.

With demanding clients, unpleasant bosses and angry chefs, it can be quite frustrating for a small fee. A waitress on TikTok revealed how to determine if a restaurant wants you to leave, and it all comes down to the dreaded bill.

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This is what happens when you ask for the bill at a restaurant

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When you ask for the bill at a restaurant, your waiter usually walks up to the register and prints a copy for you to take to your table. And then, of course, you’re left arguing with every party member about who pays what.

TikTokker @tastyriah, on the other hand, has stated that she will print the invoice in advance for a party she wants to leave instead of waiting until it is requested.

“When clients ask me ‘can I have the check?’, I take it out of my pocket because I’ve been waiting for you to accept it. [get the f**k out] from my section,” he says in the video.

That’s what they told us! Many commenters who worked in restaurants agreed with her, noting that they used this method all the time to get rid of angry customers or when her manager was behind them trying to make way for more people.

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One commenter joked: “I say don’t rush when I want you to hurry more than you’ve rushed before.”

What happens when waiters say “no rush, when you’re ready”?

“Why do we all say ‘don’t rush, when you’re ready’?” another questioned. “We need to come up with a new ruse to make them leave quickly!”

Some commenters flipped the script and stated that the same aggravating circumstance could occur as a consumer.

“It works both ways!” said one. “When you sit for 20 minutes staring at the waitress with sobbing children demanding to leave but they won’t hand you the bill.”

The most annoying guests a restaurant can serve also made it to the comments area. One person wrote: “And that’s when I ask for something else for fun.” Guys, get the hint!

However, several customers have stated that now that they are aware of this ploy, it will be reflected in the tip they pay.

“Hurry up, that advice is going to be VERY SHORT!” one customer exclaimed.

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