Alona Savchenko murder in a hotel room, Bangkok: Ukrainian model cut to pieces by her boyfriend

Today, we are going to share a very horrible murder case. A boyfriend killed her model. The suspect’s name is Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow and the victim’s name is Alona Savchenko. This case is viral on the internet. People are very surprised after hearing this news. Now netizens want to know about this case. So, read the full article to know the whole case.

Alona Savachenko murder in hotel room

A boyfriend hacked a Ukrainian model to death in a luxury Bangkok apartment before helping with the removal of the body using Google Translate. Alona Savchenko, 24, was found dead Monday in a condominium in Bangkok. Her lover, Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow, was arrested when he tried to enter Cambodia. The 25-year-old reportedly asked a taxi driver to help him dismember the body. In an opulent apartment in Thailand where she was staying with her Polish mistress, who is said to have asked for help disposing of her body via Google Translate, a Ukrainian model was discovered brutally hacked to pieces with a saw. .

Murder of Alona Savchenko in a hotel room, Bangkok

Ukrainian model cut to pieces by her boyfriend

A man is accused of brutally killing his fiancée in a fancy apartment and then using Google Translate to help him dispose of her body. Alona Savchenko, a model from Ukraine, and her partner Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow checked into the Key Sathorn-Charoenraj apartment in Bangkok, Thailand on Saturday, April 29. On Monday, May 15, the 25-year-old businessman tried to leave the hotel with his belongings but without Alona, ​​drawing his attention once again.

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Ukrainian model cut to pieces by her boyfriend

Lagoda-Filippow hired Surachai Sabaibang, a 56-year-old taxi driver, and told him to go to “any casino.” Hotel security staff saw Lagoda-Filippow, a Polish advertising business owner with offices in London’s Covent Garden, with Alona. Alona’s mangled body was found on the floor of the couple’s apartment on the 32nd floor after a search by staff. So, this was all about this case. So, keep an eye on PKB news.

The case of the murder of Alona Savchenko is a topic of interest. Ukrainian model Alona Savchenko was murdered in the hotel where she was staying by her longtime boyfriend, Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow. After her murder, the hitman dismembered the body of her model lover before fleeing the country. Security personnel worked hard to capture the 25-year-old suspect at the border. In a hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand, where he was staying with her 25-year-old lover, Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow, was 27-year-old Ukrainian model Alona Savchenko. The next day, the police noticed that Jan was leaving the hotel alone with a bag in his hand and alerted the police. Jan had killed the young model for an unknown cause.

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