Bear cub stuck in traffic jam freed after Florida wildlife officials used dish soap, chainsaw

Florida wildlife officials helped a bear cub out of a “cub conundrum” last week after finding the animal with a paw stuck in a tree.

A bear biologist was called to help free the cub from its “unusual situation,” the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said on Facebook.

The biologist and the FWC officer who initially found the cub worked for two hours trying to separate the tree’s branches, while trying to avoid the cub’s sharp claws and teeth, the agency said.

They even tried soaking the bear’s paw in dish soap, but none of their methods helped free the cub, according to FWC.

“As a last resort, our officer found a local resident who lent the fantastic couple a chainsaw,” the post said. “While our biologist kept the bear as still as possible, our officer was able to cut off one of the tree branches that was trapping the cub.”

The bear was released and given a quick medical checkup to ensure the animal had no injuries before wildlife officials reunited the cub with its mother, according to the agency.

Officials attempted to separate the tree’s branches and soaked the puppy’s leg in dish soap, to no avail. Twitter/@MiFWC
The bear cub was found with its right hind leg stuck in a tree in Florida.The bear cub was found with its right hind leg stuck in a tree in Florida. Twitter/@MyFWC

FWC also warned locals that bears are becoming more active in their search for food as fall approaches.

“You can help prevent negative interactions with bears and other wildlife by securing trash, removing food attractants, and following other BearWise practices,” the agency said.

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