Brain Teaser: Can You Detect The Word ‘Swell’ In This Array Of Words ‘Smells’ In 10 Seconds?

Are you up for a visual challenge that will put your perception to the test? Prepare to put your excellent vision to the test with a brain teaser that necessitates genuine visual acuity. You’ll have 12 seconds to find the word swell skillfully disguised within the arrangement of the word ‘smells.’

This captivating task is not for the faint of heart. It is intended to separate people with extraordinary visual precision from the rest of the pack.

The job is straightforward enough—find the word ‘swell’ hidden among a mess of ‘smells,’ but the devil is in the details. Only those with razor-sharp vision will be able to solve this brain teaser.

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12 Seconds, 1 Challenge: Can You Detect ‘Swell’ Concealed In ‘Smells’?

Spotting Credit: Fresherslive

Of course, the two terms are nearly identical, with only one letter separating them. As a result, it’s critical to focus your entire attention on that one telling letter, identifying the single “w” where a “m” should be. In your mind’s eye, divide the image into parts and scour each separately.

If you still need to try again, scroll back up and inspect the image thoroughly, possibly setting the timer aside for now if you want more practise.


Did you notice it? If you did, congratulations. Those who excel at this type of puzzle have high IQs and exceptional vision, both desirable qualities. Don’t be concerned if you need additional time. Brainteasers like this one, provided by Fresherslive, are extremely deceiving because you’re hunting for something that’s concealed in plain sight.

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Time begins to tick away as you fix your sights on the arrangement. The letters intertwine to form a visual puzzle that requires your full attention. ‘Smells’ appear clearly, but ‘swell’ hides within, hidden by its surroundings. The difficulty depends on your ability to spot the hidden word in the blink of an eye.

A combination of quick visual processing and mental agility is essential for success. Your eyes and brain must operate in tandem to parse the arrangement with unrivalled precision. Every second counts as you scan, evaluate, and locate the elusive ‘swell.’  

Are you prepared for this 10-second adventure into the world of visual cognition? Sharpen your focus, calm your mind, and prepare to tell the difference between the ‘swell’ and the ‘smells.’ The timer is ticking, and the task is waiting.

Now Check Out The Same Image Again, This Time With The Answer Circled

Spotting Credit: Fresherslive

This brain teaser is more than simply a visual test; it demonstrates the power of observation. It highlights how our brains evaluate visual data and make split-second decisions. As you immerse yourself in this task, keep in mind that it is not only about finding the ‘swell’ but also about improving your cognitive skills.

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