Did shooter Andrew Lester suffer from mental illness? health update

Shooter Andrew Lester is said to have a mental illness. Is he going through some disease? People want to know more about him. You will get complete details about Sooter Andrew Lester in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Who is Andrew Lester?

Andrew Lester is currently in custody. He has been arrested for shooting a 16-year-old teenager. The victim’s name was Yarl. When Yarl accidentally rang the wrong doorbell, he was shot on the spot. The police mentioned that Ralph Yarl was going to pick up his brothers.

ralph yarl

When he entered the wrong house and rang the wrong doorbell, he was shot. He was seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital when the police arrived at the scene. According to sources, he turned himself in on Tuesday afternoon. He has been accused of shooting Ralph. It is said to be a racist attack. Many are also considering his mental health issues.

ralph yarlralph yarl

Andrew Lester was suffering mentally?

He shot a black teenager. No one has officially mentioned her mental illness yet. He was arrested Monday as he was surrendering. He later he was put on hold for 24 hours. Under the law, a person can only be placed on hold if no charges are filed. As he was already charged but still put on hold. He was released after 2 hours. How do you want to get a statement from the victim? He was badly injured and couldn’t speak at the moment. He was released because the police were unable to question the victim due to his injuries. On the other hand, his lawyers said that he has given an interview from his hospital bed on Friday. Details of the CNN interview show it was an assassination attempt. Let’s have more details on Ralph Yarl.

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ralph yarl

What happened to the 16 year olds?

Ralph Yarl was going to pick up his brothers at their house. While he was going, he entered the wrong house by mistake and pressed the doorbell. The man, Andrew Lester, 84, shot him on the spot. He has to pick up his siblings at Northeast 115th Terrace, but he went to Northeast 115th Street by mistake. There was also a witness who mentioned that he got into his vehicle on Lesterway around 9:30 pm While Lester says he just went to bed when the doorbell rang. He thought a black guy was trying to break into his house and pulling on his outside door. He was afraid that he would open the door and shoot him.

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