Envy? They claim that Miss Hungary looked badly at Miss Honduras, Zu Clemente

A video has gone viral in the last few hours after Internet users claimed that the representative of Hungary in the Miss Universe gave the Honduran, Zuheilyn Clemente, a bad look.

Last Wednesday night the preliminary gala of Miss Universe 2023 took place, an event that takes place in San Salvador, El Salvador.

In this gala, the participants showed up in their swimsuits and evening gowns, where one after another they entered the catwalk in front of the judges.

Despite the waste of beauty and talent, the images of Tünde Blága, the Hungarian representative, apparently looking badly at the catracha have given something to talk about.

In an 11-second clip published by the @honduras.094 TikTok account, Tünde makes a strange gesture behind Zu behind the scenes.

But that was not all, since when they were on the catwalk the European woman’s smile disappeared from one second to the next and “she looked bad” at the Central American.

“The face that makes the one behind cannot stand so much beauty”; “They know that Zu is one of the most beautiful” and “they can bear it, because she is coming to Miss World Honduras,” are some comments.

However, there are those who defend the Hungarian: “I was just nervous”; “don’t generate controversy, there is no envy there” and “they are all beautiful, they don’t look bad at each other.”

Despite the controversy, both participants did their best in the contest and are waiting to find out who will be chosen as the new Miss Universe this Saturday, November 18.

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