Explained: The Surprising Reason You Should Always Cross Your Arms on a Water Slide

If you are reading this, I assume that at some point in your life you have had the pleasure of going down a slide. For the uninitiated, it’s essentially the same as falling down a long, wavy tube into a pool at the other end, but much more exciting.

Before descending, you must agree to a number of safety rules, and there is usually someone waiting at the top to remind you to cross your arms as you descend.

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Here’s why you should always cross your arms on a slide

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Anyone who’s been on a waterslide knows that crossing your arms like an Egyptian mummy gives you an extra boost of speed, but one woman has revealed why this is so vital.

Elyse Meyers claimed that during her first visit to a water park, she decided to try the big slides because her older brothers did them and she wanted to show that she could do it too.

“Sit, cross your legs, hold any contraband items in your hand, cross your arms over your chest, and do not cross your limbs at any point during the ride until you have completely finished sliding,” the water park staff told him while reaching the top.

This made her wonder if something had ever gone terribly wrong to need these precautions, and she quickly found out why. Don’t worry, she doesn’t lose any limbs.

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No, she discovered that she was having a great time on the slide, but when she got to the bottom, she saw someone she knew waiting for her and uncrossed her limbs to greet them.

The technique can save you many accidents.

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This turned out to be a mistake for Elyse, who would soon discover why you must keep your arms and legs crossed when flying down a plastic tube at high speeds into a puddle of water.

“The force with which you encounter a still body of water is explosive, and when your body is not properly collected, that water has only a few places it can go,” he explained. “So make sure you follow the instructions all the way.”

Crossing your arms prevents them from getting caught on something and hurt, while also allowing you to go faster and fall more gracefully into the pool at the end. If speed and excitement aren’t your thing when it comes to water slides, you can always try a standing water slide.

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