Google updates messaging conversation threads with photos of contacts

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In recent weeks, Google has significantly changed the “RCS” brand and read receipt symbols. As a result, a contact’s profile photo is now displayed at the top of threads in messages for Android.

Messages users have always been able to tap a contact’s name in the app bar to open Google Contacts; the firm is now emphasizing that shortcut by also showing their profile pictures, according to 9to5Google.

The image that appears in the main list of a group conversation is the same one that appears when you open the details page by tapping on a space. According to the article, iMessage displays avatars in the center, while Telegram and Facebook Messenger put them in the same position on the left.

This update also includes the removal of the magnifying glass icon and the addition of “Search” to the additional menu. Google began offering end-to-end encryption in group conversations in January to messaging app users who had signed up for the trial program.

It is now possible to encrypt one-to-one text messages sent and received through Google Messages so that only the sender and recipient can decrypt the message.

The Google Messaging app already provides end-to-end encryption when used to communicate with a user who has enabled RCS (Rich Communication Services) chat features. On the other hand, this functionality has never been accessible for use in group chats; It has only been accessible for texts exchanged between two people.

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