Illuminating The Sky: Science World’s Dome Lights Shine Once Again

One of Vancouver’s most identifiable monuments received a brilliant new facelift on Thursday, illuminating the city’s skyline. The pinpoint lights around Science World’s facade had remained black for months before this due to construction improvements.  

The newly rebuilt lighting system has 651 LED lights, three times the number before the building went black. The new lights use cutting-edge LED technology to improve the display’s energy efficiency. 

It was announced in December last year that the lights would be turned off indefinitely while they worked to repair the ageing infrastructure established for Expo 86. 

From Dusk Till Dome: Return Of Science World’s Iconic Dome Lights

The brand new lighting system for Science World was tested last night! 💡The dome has been dark since Summer 2022, when many lights were burnt out.It’s not just a replacement, but a highly improved system that also reflects light off the dome.

— Kenneth Chan (@iamkennethchan) August 4, 2023

The building upgrades were primarily made possible by a $10 million federal financial infusion last October and a $20 million provincial funding announcement in April. 

“We know many have been eagerly anticipating Science World’s dome to once again illuminate the night sky,” Science World president and CEO Tracy Redies stated in a press statement. The statement said: “This funding, combined with recent Provincial Government support, will contribute to the ongoing renewal of the dome, allowing Science World to continue to inspire the next generation of wonder seekers, critical thinkers, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design, and Math) talent.”

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Credit: Global News

Many locals have noted how much they miss the unique and colourful contribution the lights have made to the city in recent months. Science World stated on August 8 that the wait is finally over.

The remarkable 17-storey geodesic dome at Science World was built as the trademark building for Expo 86 and was initially supposed to be a temporary structure.  

On Thursday, Science World Switched Back The Iconic Dome LightsCredit: Dailyhive

The facility was spared by the formation of a non-profit organisation, which still occupies and administers Science World today, but its temporary design has left it in desperate need of renovations and upgrades.  

On Thursday, Science World Switched Back The Iconic Dome LightsTwitter/@iamkennethchan

Since Thursday, the dome has been illuminated daily from sunset until dawn. “Changing the lights on one of the world’s largest geodesic domes is no small feat,” Redies explained. 

The Science World president and CEO added, “We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team and contractors for their unwavering commitment and effort in ensuring our dome sparkles with brilliance once more.”

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