LOOK: Daniel Knott’s Suicide online video distraught mother sees the body of her son

On social networks, Daniel Knott, who took his own life, his video began to go around and captivate people’s traction. Among the millions of people who watched the video of Daniel Knot showing his body, one was also his mother. Yes, Daniel Knott’s mother also saw the video of her son on the Internet. Unfortunately, the pain she has been feeling over the suicide of her son was amplified by the viral video shared on social media. Daniel Knott’s harrowing video has broken his mother’s heart to pieces by showing the body of his son. We are saddened to report the unexpected passing of Daniel Knott, but more disheartening that someone filmed the incident instead of helping him. He is asked to stick to this page and continue reading this article. Scroll down the page.

Video of Daniel Knott’s suicide

Daniel Knott ended his own life on March 27, 2023. He was 39 years old when he died. A couple of days after the death of Daniel Knott, his mother named Jenny Tancock learned of the disturbing video that was archived by a man showing Daniel Knott lying down before the emergency services responded. Jenny Tancock said: “To go and share it online for the world to see… I think that’s the ultimate insult, the ultimate degradation of someone.” Who recorded and uploaded the video to the Internet? Sources have stated that the person who filmed Daniel Knott has been identified. Take a look below and read the details.

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Jacob Morse is the man who shared the video of Daniel Knott after committing suicide. Jacob Morse is reportedly a 22-year-old boy and has pleaded guilty to circulating the distressing video on the internet at Llanelli Magistrate Court. The judge sentenced him to prison for 6 weeks. Daniel Knott’s mother said she did not see the video, but knowing that others had seen it caused her and the rest of the family to feel distraught. Scroll down the page and read more details.

daniel knot

Daniel Knott’s mother, Jenny, is from Betws, Carmarthenshire. She said: “I felt anger, pure anger, disbelief that someone could be so vile as to come to a scene like that and record it on video. For us, what Jake Morse has done has only amplified that pain. We are dealing with something so vile when we should be grieving for Daniel.” A woman called emergency services, but Morse, who was found first, continued to record Daniel.

Today we are going to talk about the shocking video of Danel Knott’s mom. A woman who lost her son to suicide said a video of her body posted on social media made her grief worse. Daniel Knott, 39, passed away on March 27. His mother, Jenny Tancock, found out about the disturbing video a few days later. Prior to the arrival of the emergency services, a man searched Daniel’s body. According to Jenny, “go and post it online for the whole world to see that it’s the ultimate insult, the ultimate debasement of somebody.”

On May 18, after pleading guilty to sharing the images online, 22-year-old Jacob Morse was sentenced to six weeks in jail at Llanelli Magistrate Court. Jenny stated that although she has not seen the video, knowing that others have caused great distress to her and the rest of her family. Jenny from Betws, Carmarthenshire, stated: “[He felt] rage, pure rage, disbelief that someone could be evil enough to get into a situation like that and actually record it. “For them, Jake Morse’s actions have only made this tragedy worse. When we should only be crying for Daniel, we are dealing with something so bad. Jenny was told that a lady discovered Daniel’s body and subsequently called 911. But before emergency services arrived, Morse, who had been working nearby, stumbled upon the incident and used his smartphone to take pictures. of Daniel’s body.

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Jenny claimed she felt “filled with hate” after seeing Morse in person in court. She said that she should not have been there as the man was in mourning and was constantly shaking. She claimed that, despite his anger, she was conflicted by Morse’s six-week prison sentence. She “just seemed like a big girl … and she was really torn by how she felt,” the woman added. “She hit her like a mother, she really did.” “She kept wondering, ‘What would Dan do?’” In her opinion, Dan would not have wanted her to serve time in prison. “Six weeks isn’t enough, but it’s a prison sentence and he’s served it, so she knows our justice system is taking it seriously,” the speaker said.

Speaking up, according to Jenny, would be worth it if it helped stop “just one person who is tempted to take a video and share it under any kind of traumatic circumstance.” She stated: “She wants to draw attention to the fact that this is about people, people with families, and sharing things online to impact or like is terrible. She wants them to know there are consequences.” This was all about this viral video. So, stay tuned for PKB news.

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