McKinsey Canadian revenue: Ottawa contracts comprise up to 10 percent

Being a politician, one must be very careful when making claims. The action of any government employee, particularly political, every action carefully watched by the citizen that sometimes puts them in trouble.

We often hear of cases where a government body is being criticized for its actions. The fortune and development of the country are in the hands of the government and that is why each action can leave a great effect. Now, everyone must be thinking that why we say all these things, the simple reason is that the name of a consulting giant was recently linked to the Prime Minister of the country.

McKinsey Canadian Revenue

If you actively read the newspaper, then you will surely know about this case. Dominic Barton, the former head of a global consulting giant called McKinsey & Co., has reportedly denied claiming his ties to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lead to his firm being favored for Canadian government contracts. . Barton testifies that he never supervised McKinsey’s contracts with the Canadian government and asserted that he did not have a non-professional relationship with the Prime Minister. He reads on to find out more.

Barton stated at the time of the Canadian parliamentary committee hearing that “I am not a close personal friend of the Prime Minister. Our relationship is professional. So all the claims that we are friends are wrong.” Not only this, but when asked if he would put the Prime Minister on his fifty best friends list, he directly said “no” and stated that he has indeed had no personal or social contact with him, so all statements are incorrect. . Barton further added that “I think he actually respects me.”

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He affirms this term when talking about his role in the government. He was appointed economic adviser. HFe said that “I do not have his personal contact number and I have not been in an empty or full room alone with the president.” Reports indicate opposition lawmakers have targeted Barton as McKinsey contracts from various government departments have risen sharply over the past 5 years, yet have included lower overall than those allocated to other major consulting firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. and Deloitte LLP. Since the Prime Minister took office in 2015, Barton has been appointed to serve on the advisory council on economic growth and serve as ambassador to China from 2019 to 2021.

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