Miguel Karcz’s girlfriend, who is the partner of the Mexican presenter who died?

Discover what is known so far about the alleged girlfriend attributed to Miguel Karcz, a presenter who recently died.

Last Wednesday, September 13, the Mexican media reported on the death of Miguel Ángel Karcz, a Mexican presenter; For this reason, many investigate the Mexican’s personal life, especially, they wonder if he had a girlfriend.

Karcz worked for Multimedios Channel 6 in the program “Vivalavi“, and on social networks, his colleagues and the media published their words of condolences, lamenting the death of Karcz at the age of 39.

Until now, not many details have been revealed about the presenter’s cause of death, however, his partner in Telediario, Luis Carlos Ortiz, reported that his friend died of cancer.

A dear colleague, Miguel Karcz, whom we appreciate very much, he has just passed away due to the cancer that afflicted him. We offer our deepest condolences to the family. A heartfelt hug to all your family, your parents, your friends. The entire Multimedios group is shocked and with pain that pierces our souls.“he explained.

In addition to that, on social networks the channel published an image of the presenter, who continued working for a long time and kept his illness a secret despite being a public figure.

Who is Miguel Karcz?

Miguel Ángel Karcz, renowned journalist and host of Telediario, is a prominent figure in the world of communication in Mexico. He was born on May 11, 1984 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, and from an early age he demonstrated a passionate interest in recording the events that occurred around him, using a camera as his tool of choice.

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His path to journalism began when he decided to study Communication Sciences at the prestigious Tecnológico de Monterrey. During his time at university, his talent and dedication attracted attention, and in the second semester of his studies, he was invited to participate as a producer in the program “Hora Libre” on channel 28 of Nuevo León.

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Miguel Ángel Karcz was not satisfied with local education, and his thirst for knowledge led him to undertake a trip abroad. For a semester, he studied in New Zealand, broadening his horizons and gaining valuable experiences in the field of communication.

Despite his youth, Karcz proved to be an outstanding student and graduated with honors from Tecnológico de Monterrey at age 22. However, his ambition and desire to learn more from him took him to the United States, where he not only continued his training in production, but also adapted as a broadcaster, gaining additional experience in the world of media. .

At the age of 25, he returned to Mexico, where he was invited to join Multimedios, one of the main communication companies in the country. At this stage, he assumed the position of general production coordinator and stood out as the official voice of the communication group, further consolidating his position in the industry.

Did Miguel Karcz have a girlfriend?

Miguel Ángel Karcz, the talented journalist and renowned Telediario presenter, has kept his personal life in a discreet background throughout his career. Despite being a public figure and a familiar face on Mexican television, Karcz has managed to preserve his privacy as far as his love life is concerned.

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To date, there is no public knowledge that he has had a girlfriend or partner in the media.

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